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April 1, 2014

WB Government to launch Wi-Fi service on Volvo services

WB Government to launch Wi-Fi service on Volvo services

The AC Executive buses of Kolkata will now offer free Wi-Fi service to its passengers. With the changes brought about by the state transport department, the new facility is being welcomed by all the internet-using commuters of the city.

The service, in its pilot phase, will initially be available on two routes – Airport-Tollygunge (via Sector V) and Barasat-Chetla (via Airport, Exide and Rashbehari Avenue). Depending on response from commuters the service will be extended to other routes as well.

Commuters travelling along these routes can avail free connectivity for a duration of 15 minutes. Buses offering this service will bear the logo of the service provider and will have the details of Log in process on the back of every seat. Users can either scan the QR code or tap for NFC connectivity to receive password. The phone number of the commuter`s smartphone will work as the registration gateway and they will get the password as an SMS on phone.

In Kolkata these buses cover the length and breadth of the city ferrying young professionals, students, general passengers; often on the long journey you find commuters doing work, watching movie on their laptop or iPads, reading on their Kindles or listening to music on their smart phones. Considering the fact that the public service buses ferry more than 50, there will have to be as many as 10 devices on board each bus.