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April 12, 2014

Trinamool Chairperson calls for Poriborton in Jalpaiguri

Trinamool Chairperson calls for Poriborton in Jalpaiguri

Addressing a rally at Jalpaiguri Sports Complex, Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee asked the people of the district to bring in Poriborton during the Lok Sabha elections. She accused the Left of doing nothing for the district despite winning elections last time. Listing the achievements of the Government, she said Trinamool Congress led West Bengal Government has done more work in 34 months compared to the 34-year rule of the Left Front.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

I welcome all those who are present here.  We have met all the demands of the Jalpaiguri district. We have expedited the process of formation of the Circuit Bench of Calcutta High Court in Jalpaiguri. We are setting up industrial hubs in the district. We are developing Gazaldoba as a tourist hub and another hub at Banarhat. All these initiatives will generate employment. You could never expect these from the CPI(M) or the Congress. What has the CPI(M) done for the district despite winning in Panchayat election from here? They forgot about people after winning the polls.

This time we want Poriborton in Jalpaiguri too. We want change across North Bengal. People are the real judges. They will decide the winner of polls. Not media houses. I am ready to listen only to the plights of the common people.

We gave developed the infrastructure in education sector by setting up new institutions. Three multi super specialty hospitals are coming up in this district at Jalpaiguri, Falakata and Alipurduar. A Medical Hub is being set up at a cost of Rs 16 crores. We are also renovating Jalpaiguri district hospital. We have set up fair price medicine shops.

We are setting up ITIs in every block and polytechnic colleges in every sub-division. Schools are being upgraded. Sports complexes are being set up. Kisan Mandis are being set up. Jalpaiguri has immense tourism potential. Nature has abundantly blessed this region. We are trying to create the infrastructure. We have inaugurated Uttar Kanya, the branch Secretariat for North Bengal in this district.

The Centre is taking away all our money. The CPI(M) destroyed Bengal by incurring huge debts. They are responsible for the unemployment. They terrorised common people. Do not vote for them.

The Centre is not releasing funds for work. Why did the Congress and BJP not stop Left Front from incurring debts, when they were in power at Centre? The Centre has been taking away all our revenues. Congress is trying to stop the surge of development in the State. Do not vote for them.

A certain political party plays divisive politics and can be seen only during the election season. Do not give a single vote to BJP. They want to divide Bengal. I will never allow another partition. BJP has the stain of riots in its hands.

 This is a fight for Bengal`s honour. This is the fight against the price rise and the FDI in retail. This is the fight against bad governance and rioters. While some media houses are non-partisan, certain sections have sold themselves to money power. We are not afraid of any blackmail and fear tactics. We never leave the side of the people.

First the Congress should give us funds and then ask for votes. We are the only party to speak for the people. We had left the ministerial posts to be by the side of people. There are still few people who have not sold their souls to money power. Our party is like that.

I agree Jalpaiguri is lagging behind. But we are working towards all round development here. Our candidate for Jalpaiguri, Bijoy Chandra Barman, is an academician. He is the former Registrar of Rabindra Bharati University. Our candidates will fight for our rights in Delhi.

We are giving the due respect to Adivasi culture. We have given recognition to Hindi, Urdu, Al Chiki, Punjabi. We have started a Rajbongshi Academy. We have set up an Urdu Academy, made reservations for minority community students. Our Government has given 10% quota to PTTI-parateachers in recruitment.

We have started Kanyashree scheme for girls. They will get scholarships to pursue education. We have given 2.5 lakh cycles to girl students. We have distributed 57 lakh scholarships to minority students. It is not possible to instantly undo the backlog of 34 years. We are trying.

We have given 2 lakh pattas in two and a half years. We believe that the rights of the forest should stay with the tribal people. We have taken up projects to boost tourism in Dooars. We have started tea tourism and home tourism. I urge you all not to let us down this time. I want the blessings of the people of this district. North Bengal was neglected earlier. We have started a new Department for you. I have visited North Bengal several times.

We are giving allowance to self-help group workers. We are building 500 marketing hubs. In MSME sector, we witnessed a growth of 105%. Gujarat only had 50% growth. Centre wanted to deprive people of North Bengal of drinking water by giving away Teesta water. The Opposition is carrying out malicious campaigns. But we have trust of the people.

I never support any wrongdoing. I always protest against what is wrong. Our hoardings are being removed. We cannot put posters. Our wall-graffiti is not allowed. How will we campaign? We are soft targets because we always stick to our principles. We do not want violence. We want peace. We do not support riots. We want progress. People of Hills and people of plains – everyone is equal for me.

Some people are saying that Gujarat is the model for India. In Gujarat the child mortality rate is 42% whereas in Bengal it is just 31%. We have set up 31 colleges in just two and a half years. Earlier there were only 38. We set up 8 new universities in Bengal. The Left, during the 34 year old rule, set up only 2. Today Bengal is number one in 100-days work scheme. Everyone is jealous of us.

Let me introduce to you your candidate Bijoy Ch Barman. There cannot be a better candidate for Jalapiguri. Trinamool will emerge as the third largest party after Lok Sabha polls. Vote for Trinamool on 17th April. Help us build a new India. Help us get Bengal her due from Centre.