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April 26, 2014

Trinamool Chairperson bats for peace and prosperity at Sonarpur

Trinamool Chairperson bats for peace and prosperity at Sonarpur

Trinamool Chairperson addressed a rally at Sonarpur today, in support of the party’s candidate in Jadavpur constituency, Dr Sugata Bose. She talked at length about the development initiatives taken by the Government and slammed the Opposition for their malicious campaigns.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

The first time I contested for the Lok Sabha elections in 1984, it was from this Jadavpur constituency. Sonarpur was a part of it. This place is like my mother. I can forget everything but this place. I have special attachment to this place. Sonarpur was always neglected and under-developed. As an MP I have worked hard for the people here and developed this place. Sonarpur is situated in the suburbs of Kolkata. How can this region be under-developed?


The person who was elected from Jadavpur in 2009 did not work for the people after polls. Krishna Bose has been an MP from Jadavpur for a long time. We thought Sugata Bose would be ideal for this seat.


This time we have given tickets to a lot of young people. They will build a new generation of politicians. About 8-10 Trinamool candidates are aged less than 40 years. We have created a generation of politicians who will serve for the next 20 years. Politics does not mean serving yourself. Politics means dedicating yourself to the people.


We have struggled against the reign of terror under Left regime. The CPI(M) has once again started the politics of violence. Two Trinamool workers have been killed in the last two days at Manikchawk and Bardhaman. Ensure that these Lok Sabha elections put an end to political violence. We had stopped political clash completely but now some people are instigating violence again.


The CPI(M) is devoid of ideology. They have forgotten all their principles. They destroyed the economy of Bengal. They left power after incurring a debt of Rs 2 lakh crore. Congress and BJP led governments at the Centre allowed the CPI(M) to incur debts. Now CPI(M)-Congress-BJP have formed an understanding to cut votes.


We raised the slogan bodla noy, bodol chai even after the Left killed 55000 people in 34 years. Our polling agents were killed in the past. Our workers were beaten to death for wall-painting. Now they give us gyan on fair polls. How many schools and colleges did the Left build? What work have they done in 34 years? They have lost the trust of people. So, now they appear only on AC TV studios, spreading malicious lies.


We kept increasing our revenue collection. And the Centre took away major share of our revenue. Centre says they cannot give us any funds. As if they are giving us alms. Where will funds for development come from? How will I pay the salaries of Government employees and teachers?


We are No. 1 in 100-Days Work Scheme. In 34 years the Left set up only 2 universities. We have set up 8 in two and half years. In 34 years the Left built only 6 colleges. We have set up 31 government colleges and 14 private colleges. We increased our capital expenditure by 48%. This is huge development.


Some media houses only talk about Gujarat model. They refuse to see the development happening in Bengal. The Centre is using various agencies against Bengal. The media houses are also acting at Delhi`s behest. Chit funds started in Bengal in 1980. Who ruled Bengal till 2011? Why have they woken up to chit funds now.


Prevention of chit funds is not under the power of States. The Union Govt is responsible. Why did the Centre/RBI/ED not act against chit funds earlier? Why are they proactive just before elections? Sections of the media only report what is said against us. They never report our side of the story. We have always maintained chit funds must be banned. Why has the Centre not acted?


We have been in power only for two and half years. Saradha was founded in 2006. What was the previous Govt doing? We got Sudipta Sen arrested. We formed a Commission to return the money to duped investors. Some people are demanding CBI enquiry for Saradha scam. What is CBI`s track record of pending cases? What has the CBI done in Nandigram case? What have they done in Netai case, Tapasi Malik`s rape and murder? Has the CBI been able to retrieve Rabindranath`s stolen Nobel? It was the biggest blot on Bengal. CBI failed to solve the case.


Media houses published ads of chit fund companies in their papers. When they got money, it became holy? The former CM of West Bengal attended extensive photo sessions with chit fund owners. Now he is preaching us.


Bengal`s fair price medicine shops are national models now. Jangalmahal is a model in combating Maoist violence. We are building multi super speciality hospitals, ITIs, polytechnic colleges all over the state. We have started Kanyashree scheme for girls. 9 lakh girls have already got the benefits. We are setting up a medical college and hospital at Bhangar. We are starting fair price diagnostic shops now. Poor people now get medicines for free at rural hospitals.

Sixty six years after independence, Bengal had only 1400 medical seats. We increased it to 2700. We have set up 88 fast-track courts, 26 women`s police stations. We have distributed 2 lakh land pattas in two and half years. Left distributed only 12000 land pattas. We are going to set up marketing hubs across the State. Many people will get employment.


We have worked for all irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender. We have taken up Nija Griha Nija Bhoomi scheme. Everyone will have a home in the next few years. We had set a target of creating 50000 ponds in five years for Jal Dharo Jal Bharo scheme. We already created one lakh ponds. I visited Darjeeling over 40 times in the past. Peace is prevailing there. But some parties want to divide the State. Congress-CPI(M)-BJP are playing a got-up match.


We will provide the alternative in national politics in the future. We will emerge as the third largest party. I urge you all to vote in large numbers for Trinamool in Jadavpur and across Bengal.