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February 22, 2019

Those who beat up other people can never be real Hindus: Mamata Banerjee

Those who beat up other people can never be real Hindus: Mamata Banerjee

Bangla CM Mamata Banerjee today slammed the politics of hate and division practiced by the BJP. She said, “I will do everything for the welfare of people. But I will never allow riots. I will never support politics of division. I do not discriminate between people belonging to separate caste or religion.”

She said that she believes in true Hinduism, not the ideology of hate as spread by the BJP and RSS. “Those who beat up other people can never be real Hindus,” she added.

The CM said, “I also belong to a Hindu family. We do not support hooligans. We also light a lamp in front of the tulsi plant every evening and blow conch shells. My parents never taught me to hate someone else. We have not been taught to discriminate.”

“In Bengal we have never discriminated against any religion. We have renovated temples, we have constructed a skywalk at Dakshineshwar. We have also renoavted dargahs and mazaars. We do not believe in destructive politics,” added Mamata Banerjee.

She asked the BJP and RSS to learn about Hinduism from Ramakrishna Mission or Bharat Sevasram Sangha. “Their saffron robes stand for sacrifice. We are inspired by Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekananda. We believe in working for the society,” added the chief minister.

She also came down heavily on the BJP on the issue of violence. “In the name of gau-raksha, they are spreading rumours. They are playing politics over the death of over 40 jawans. Rumours of child-kidnappers is being spread and they are targeting people, creating divisions. All this, for political mileage,” the CM said.

She added: “Complain to the police if you come across any propaganda. Do not believe in rumours. Do not believe these seasonal birds. They only come here for votes and then forget about their promises.”

A true leader is one who takes everyone along, not someone who divides people, the CM commented.