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February 18, 2019

State Govt planning Mishti Hub in Basirhat on the New Town hub model

The State Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Textiles Department is planning a Mishti Hub in Raghunathpur in Basirhat-2 block, on the model of the highly successful Mishti Hub in New Town.

The latter has become one of the hotspots of New Town, and being located on the route to the airport, the hub draws many customers from outside the city too, including foreigners.

The government has allocated about Rs 4.5 crore for the project. With the activation of this hub, about 1,500 people linked to the sweetmeat trade in the region would be benefitted.

A chhana and paneer unit would also be set up beside the hub for the benefit of the shop-owners at the hub. The department would ensure that proper packaging is used at the hub. There will also be facility for sitting and eating sweets there.

A cooperative would be set up to manage the Mishti Hub.

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