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February 4, 2019

Centre trying to muzzle Opposition voices using agencies: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been sitting in dharna at Metro Channel, Kolkata since last evening. On the second of her protest ‘to save the Constitution’, she addressed the press.

Highlights of the Chief Minister’s speech:

This protest is against the person who is destroying the country by creating unnecessary divisions among the people. He is creating fear in the minds of the people.

India has always been a humane society. I am fighting under the ‘Save India’ banner to save the unity and integrity of the country, and above all, to save the democratic rights of people, citizenship rights, property rights, freedom of speech, and to ensure that officers can conduct their work in an impartial manner.

There is no political issue involved in this. They are torturing everyone.

We always respect the law and feel that things should run as per law. But if someone tries to destroy the pillars on which democracy stands, then there would be nothing left of the democratic process that we are so proud of.

In is in this background that I am conducting ny protest here. This is not some small incident. Leaders from across the country, who believe in the federal structure, are supporting me in this struggle. We extend our sincerest thanks to all of them.

This is not my individual fight; this is a collective fight. I hope democracy and the rule of law find a favourable atmosphere to go their courses.

We will never support any attempt to control the media, gag people’s right to speak, use the judiciary in a unbefitting manner, to indulge in a coup. There can always be differences among people.

A situation has been created where opposing the BJP is being taken to imply being anti-national, and opposing is being taken as an excuse to use different investigating agencies to harass people and to throw people in jail. They are using the most lowly ways to create hatred in the minds of the people.

No government work would be hampered because of this protest. Our official work and our struggle to secure the rights of the people will continue simultaneously.

From the day they came to power, they have been busy in finding ways to get rid of the Opposition. Our Satyagraha Movement will continue.

This Satyagraha Movement to save India’s democracy will continue till February 8. February 8 has been chosen because from the next day, the Madhyamik Examination will start, when restrictions on the use of mikes will come into place.

I request all of you to protest in a peaceful manner. Do not get influenced by any instigatory tactics.

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