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February 24, 2019

Bangla Government committed to protecting consumers’ rights

Bangla Government committed to protecting consumers’ rights

The State Consumer Affairs Department has been working successfully towards ensuring the implementation of laws related to consumers’ rights and awareness of consumer rights.

The Right to Public Services Act: The State Government is ensuring the proper implementation of its mandated services to the people through the Right to Public Services Act, 2013. The Consumer Affairs Department is the nodal department for this purpose.

A central complaints centre has been opened in Kolkata, which enables pre-case settlement of complaints so that people don’t have to undergo the hassle of court cases. Regional centres were already operating, and now a central centre has been opened.

Five new regional centres have been opened – in Siliguri, Bidhannagar, Alipurduar, Kalimpong and Jhargram. Several offices at the subdivisional level have been opened too.

The topic of consumer rights has been included in the State school syllabus for classes six, seven and eight, so that awareness is generated right from a young age.

The State Government has started a mass consumer rights awareness campaign. This has created widespread awareness among people about the fact that consumer forums can indeed help them in getting their grievances addressed.

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