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February 28, 2019

Truth being hidden for political ends: Mamata Banerjee

Truth being hidden for political ends: Mamata Banerjee

Last five years nothing happened except Uri. So many jawans died, the govt had an advisory that something like that could happen. Even then, the govt did not take precautions. And then after that, with fanfare, they fed the country a dangerous scenario through all the TV channels in a one-sided manner.

We want to know what happened actually. Some are saying initially national TV channels were showing that 300 – 350 people were killed… we want to know how many actually died. Where did the bombs fall, did they actually fall at the right place? I have read reports in the newspapers – a report in the New York Times, in the Washington Post, and also news from Reuters.

All these are saying that in this incident how many people were killed and how many targets were missed, and that people did not die. Some are saying only one person died. Then what is the truth, the people would want to know. We are with the forces, but even then we want that the forces be given a chance to speak the truth, the country needs to know the truth. We don’t want political ends to be pursued. If it’s for the country, we are with the country, but if it’s for politics, and for winning elections, then we don’t want that.