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February 15, 2019

KMC introduces 100 more battery-operated garbage collection carts

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has introduced 100 more battery-operated carts for garbage collection on the streets of the city.

Ever since they were introduced in Kolkata a few years ago as part of the Clean City Green City mission, there has been a marked improvement in garbage collection. Wherever required, garbage collection has now been introduced multiple times a day.

There are currently 120 such vans for garbage collection, for which purpose now 100 more have been added. Soon, all handcarts will be replaced by battery-operated carts.

Being battery operated (which have to be charged from time to time), the carts do not cause any pollution.

Along with the 100 carts, 45 mini-trucks have also been introduced for collection of garbage from along major streets, where the small and slow battery-operated carts cannot be operated.

Source: Bartaman

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