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February 1, 2019

Twenty Five things Mamata Banerjee said about the Union Budget 2019

Twenty Five things Mamata Banerjee said about the Union Budget 2019

1.       We feel this is an expiry budget. This is a budget of desperation. This budget will not be implemented.

2.       The tenure of this government will be over in one month. After elections, a new government will come and present a new budget.

3.       I am not an economist, but I have practical knowledge and ideas. Nobody knows what is the financial situation of the country. It is obvious, economic emergency is going on in the country.

4.       Where will this money come from? How will it be managed?

5.       This government has no moral authority to put forth this budget. After expiry is there any value? This is a value-less budget.

6.       Why has this government not announced a single agenda for farmers for the last four and a half years?

7.       We have already started the ‘Krishak Bandhu’ scheme. A similar scheme has been announced today. Why did not announce these schemes earlier?

8.       We have a successful scheme ‘Swasthya Sathi’ for health insurance. We have opted out of ‘Ayushman Bharat’ scheme as Modi is using it for his own publicity.

9.       They have not given any extra amount for MGNREGA scheme. The funds are lower than revised estimate. People are not getting their dues.

10.   They have decreased funds for Swachh Bharat Mission by 25 per cent.

11.   Within the last one year, two crore jobs have been lost. And now there has been a cut of 13.4% in Skill Development Budget. This is a show-off budget.

12.   Scheduled castes and scheduled tribes are deprived sections. And there has been a significant decrease in funds allocated.

13.   Other vulnerable groups – there has been a 20.8% decrease in allocation.

14.   Ujjwala Scheme – decrease of 14.9% in allocation.

15.   NPAs have increased five times. Banking system has been destroyed.

16.   They say they will give loans in 59 seconds. Who will get the loans?

17.   Allocation for energy sector is less by 4.4%.

18.   The doctor has come after death. This budget is a cheating. All show-off.

19.   Central government and State government are both elected by the people. They cannot announce programmes on subjects which come under the State List. They are running a parallel government. This is against federal structure.

20.   They are promoting schemes with their own pictures, although States are funding these schemes. The Centre collects taxes from the States and gives us back a pittance.

21.   I thought they might even announce transferring Rs 15 lakh to people.

22.   This is a farce. This is nothing but a BJP manifesto to cheat the people.

23.   Even I can be arrested for voicing my opinion on the Budget today. Tomorrow they may even send a notice to the person who cooks at my home. Keep sending notices. Let me see how many you can send.

24.   Fight us politically. Why are you attacking us on personal front? Why are you humiliating people?

25.   Before announcing a scheme, one must make sure there are enough funds. Even while chalking out programmes in our State we do so. Where will they get the money?

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