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February 19, 2019

Revamped Town Hall to be ready by start of 2020

The renovated Town Hall will be unveiled by the beginning of 2020, announced the mayor of Kolkata recently, after paying a visit there to take stock of the work in progress.

The work is being executed by the State Public Works Department (PWD), under the supervision of a Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC)-constituted expert committee, which, in turn, is following the suggestions of a detailed report prepared by a team of engineers from IIT Roorkee. The report includes a plan for making the building earthquake-proof.

A senior official of the KMC said that as per the planning, fibre-reinforced concrete will be used around the huge pillars in the front of the Town Hall to strengthen it and at the same time, steel will be used to fix the structure of the roof, which is held up by pillars.

The work for restoring the more-then-200-year-old heritage structure has been continuing for more than a year now. The restoration of the building will cost approximately Rs 18 crore.

The Town Hall was completed in 1813, in Roman-Doric style. The renovation became absolutely necessary because the building had suffered natural damage because of its old age.

Source: Millennium Post

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