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February 5, 2019

Mamata Banerjee’s press conference at 2 PM

Highlights of Mamata Banerjee’s press conference at 2 PM from the dharna manch at Metro Channel, Kolkata

Some media trying to mislead the people by saying that Kolkata Commissioner of Police will have to face CBI. This is not right. Supreme Court said that CP and CBI can meet at mutually convenient place

Supreme Court has clearly said that CBI cannot take coercive steps or arrest the CP. This is what we wanted. We thank the judiciary. The CBI had tried to carry out a secret operation at CP’s residence on Sunday evening.

A government will come and go, but democracy is a continuous process.

I would request the media to misinterpret the court order. I request them not to do so. I do not know if someone is feeding them false information.

BJP is wrong to say that we are not allowing them to hold meetings in the State. If they ask for permission of a rally 3-4 hours before the event, what can administration do? Their party President addressed a rally immediately after he was discharged from hospital; was that meeting stopped?

In fact, when I had gone for rallies to Mumbai and Bihar, they did not even extend the courtesy of allotting the circuit house. They should not lecture us on political courtesy.

Are all sins washed off when some criminal, goon or dacoit joins BJP? They are joining your party because of protection from CBI, IT or ED.

BJP should set its house in order first before pointing fingers at others.

Even we demanded CBI probes in the past because it was an impartial investigating agency. We respect the CBI when they do not work with political vendetta.

Look at CBI’s track record. What happened to Tapasi Malik’s case? Did the CBI recover Tagore’s Nobel prize? Did Nandigram get justice?

The alacrity with which CBI acts on Modi Bhai, Amit Bhai’s requests, wish they showed a fraction of that interest in retrieving Rabindranath’s Nobel.

If you (CBI) are so effective an agency, please recover Rabindranath Tagore’s Nobel prize. We repeatedly requested you to give us the documents about the case, so that we can investigate. Have you ever handed over those evidences?

I thank Devegowda Ji for extending his support to our movement. I thank all the political parties for extending their support to this movement. We are grateful to them.