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February 19, 2019

Biswa Bangla Restaurant – India’s 1st hanging restaurant – launched

India’s first hanging restaurant, Biswa Bangla Restaurant, was inaugurated recently atop the gleaming new Biswa Bangla Gate.

The gate in New Town, at the crossing of two crucial roads, is another wonder – a circular air-conditioned chamber (which contains the restaurant) held up by four pillars 25 metres above the ground, with the pillars intersecting a little above the chamber. Its construction involved around 70 tonnes of steel.

The gate was opened to the public by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on January 31. There are rooftop restaurants in several metropolitan cities but this hanging restaurant is a one-of-its-kind in India.

The construction of the gate and everything inside was overseen by the State Government agency, HIDCO.

The fine dining restaurant currently has 50 seats. Twenty-two more will be opened later on. The restaurant will be kept open from 7pm to 10pm, after entry to the Biswa Bangla Gate is closed for the public, which is at 5pm.

The waiters will come to the tables and take the order on iPads. A copy of the order will go to the kitchen which is housed on the ground floor while the other will go to for billing. There is a service lift to carry the food to the restaurant.

Special lightings have been made to give a different feel. Battery-powered candles are there to give the ambience of a candlelight dinner. The Wi-fi connection is free.

A garden will be set up to increase the green cover in areas surrounding the Biswa Bangla Gate.

Source: Millennium Post

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