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February 14, 2019

Keventer Group signs MoU with State Govt

The Bangla-based Keventer Group, one of the biggest food companies in the country, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the State Food Processing Industries and Horticulture Department, with regard to cultivation of organic banana in the districts of Nadia and Murshidabad.

Through the MoU, employment opportunities will open up for 6,000 farmers directly and indirectly for 40,000 people.

The project is worth about Rs 23.5 crore in total. The State Government will invest about Rs 9.5 crore, the Keventer Group will invest Rs 4.58 crore and Rs 9.33 crore will be invested by the 6,000 farmers to be directly linked to the project.

Keventer will provide adequate training to the farmers on growing the crop, and also the saplings and machinery for cultivation and other infrastructure. The government will provide subsidy to the farmers. It will also ensure that the proper methods are being followed for the growing of organic banana.

All of the banana cultivated would be bought by Keventer, hence there is no possibility of any loss for the farmers. Keventer will also process the bananas for making them market-ready, which will include adopting proper preservation techniques.

Source: Khabar 365 Din

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