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February 6, 2019

Advantage Bangla for attracting investments

Bangla has several advantages with respect to industrial development:

Strategic Location

  • Gateway to south-east Asia and north-east India
  • Shares international frontiers with Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan
  • Well-connected with the booming hubs of Asia such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia
  • Hinterland comprises mineral-rich states such as Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh
  • Naturally beautiful: The Himalayas, the Dooars, riverine delta of the Sundarbans and beaches

Robust physical infrastructure

  • 3rd largest road network of the country – of more than 3.15 lakh km
  • Natural maritime advantages – 950km of waterfront
  • Two international airports – Kolkata and Bagdogra
  • New airport in Andal has potential for becoming a major hub, as it is located in the State’s mineral-rich zone
  • Leading in the country in terms of spread, density and reach of National Inland Waterways
  • About 4,000km of railway tracks
  • 2nd largest Metro Rail network

Leading growth engine of the country

  • Largest in India in power distribution, quality and availability
  • India’s highest bank credit flow to MSMEs
  • Highest producer of vegetables in the country
  • 2nd largest in tea production
  • 3rd largest in mineral production in India
    Zero man-days lost
  • Kolkata first metro city in the country with Wi-Fi connectivity on 4G

To take advantage of these advantages, the Trinamool Congress Government has created suitable policies, which have been enumerated below:

Key reforms implemented 

  • Time-bound delivery of services enacted under Right to Public Services Act
  • Single-window system for business enacted through Single Window Act
  • Self-declaration and self-clarification introduced
  • No clearance or consent required for industries under ‘White’ and ‘exempted’ categories
  • Online web-based information dissemination
  • E-services and single window system for business
  • Industry Facilitation Centre (IFC) in every district
  • Simplification of process or procedures – decentralisation and reduced documentation
  • GIS Maps

Steps for ease of doing business

  • Dedicated single-window agency established
  • Online single-window portal for business approvals –
    Time-bound service delivery
  • Transparency and ease of access to information
  • Business processes streamlined
  • E-platform for service delivery created
  • Online application for incentives

As a result of the implementation of various policies, the government has won several awards over the last few years. The State is also first in the country in several sectors.

Awards won

  • E-Abgari won National E-Governance Award for 2017-18
  • E-Taxation won National E-Governance Award for 2014-15
  • Integrated Financial Management System won CSI-Nihilent Award of Excellence in 2015
  • Bangla Govt won Krishi Karman Award for 5 consecutive years for record production of pulses, foodgrains (total amount), rice, coarse cereals and oilseeds

First in the country to/in …

  • integrate with e-KUBER of RBI
  • have inter-treasury transfers within the government exchequer
    generation of person-days in 100 Days’ Work Scheme, in terms of project expenditure
  • rural housing, with an investment of Rs 1,8361 crore since 2011-12
    achieve 100% implementation of Business Reforms Action Plan 2017