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February 25, 2019

Bangla CM lays foundation stone of Alo Hub

Bangla CM lays foundation stone of Alo Hub

The foundation stone for the hub for lighting designers and light technicians, Alo Hub was laid by Chief Minister on February 22 from her public meeting in Tarakeswar. The hub would be located in Chandannagar.

The primary aim behind the hub is to improve the technical skills through education of people involved in the light industry in Bangla. The hub is a project of the State Technical Education, Training and Skill Development Department.

Chandannagar has been chosen because it has been the traditional base of people involved in lighting decorations, especially during Jagaddhatri Puja.

The aims behind the creation of Alo Hub are:

  • Skill development of all lighting designers and technicians in Bangla through education
  • Providing training in fire-fighting skills alongside technical skills
  • Providing a base for production and sale of decorative lights and fixtures

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