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February 18, 2019

State Govt releases app for tourists named ‘Hurray’

The State Tourism Department inaugurated an app for promoting tourism, named ‘Hurray’ at the recently-concluded Bengal Global Business Summit. The app has been designed based on a lot of feedback from tourists.

The app has six sections linked to tourism – hotel, homestay, restaurant, tour operator, transport operator and guide. It lists businesses linked to these six sections and has a feedback mechanism.

When a customer pays the bill, there will be a five-category rating on which the customer can give feedback. The ratings will be uploaded through the app and when there is a certain volume of such reviews, the properties or hotels with good reviews will be linked to the department’s website. This will help tourists to have an idea of the good properties and hotels and accordingly plan their tour.

Businesses are being encouraged by the government to list themselves in the app. Being listed in an app for tourists would be for their own benefit as their popularity would naturally translate to a bigger customer base.

The ranking is dynamic, meaning that depending on customers’ feedback, the rankings might change. This feel of competition would ensure that standards are maintained.

The State Tourism Department also has a plan to bring on board engineers of the government to bring in properties owned by various departments of the State Government under a single template.

Click here to download the app 

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