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February 8, 2019

Modi is ‘master of corruption’: Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today addressed a press conference at Eco Park, Newtown.

She said, the Prime Minister is:

Master of Rafale

Master of Demonetisation

Master of Corruption

Master of Arrogance

He Doesn’t Know India

Reached this Position only after Godhra


Journalist: PM claimed CIrcuit Bench has been constructed at BJP’s initiative

Didi: I feel ashamed to even speak about this man. Empty vessels sound much. Was anyone from Calcutta High Court present at the inauguration? About Rs 300 crore was spent for Jalpaiguri Circuit Bench by the State Government. We had given the land for the same.

Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court had given the date for inauguration four months ago. Only a notification was pending from Centre. Sadly, we could not inaugurate the Circuit Bench in August. And now suddenly, the Centre decided to inaugurate the bench overnight.

Neither State Government nor the High Court were invited. The bride and groom were absent, the band party was present there. Who will do the maintenance? Where is the manpower? Who will implement? How will the bench function?

He only comes to Bengal for politics. In 2016, they had said they will take over 7 tea gardens. They gave false promises about pension. Even we have a scheme called Samajik Suraksha for unorganised sector workers.

The PM indulges in half truths and lies. Before elections he is a chai-wallah and after elections, he is Rafale-wallah.

Journalist: PM said the State Government has done nothing for the development of north Bengal

Didi: Either he is blind or deaf. During our time, we set up a mini secretariat at north Bengal. We have created a separate department for north Bengal development. Two new districts – Alipurduar and Kalimpong – were created. We have taken several initiatives like the Bengal Safari Park and Bhorer Aalo. There is a high tide of development in north Bengal. The road that he inaugurated today, I myself had conducted meetings to clear the project.

Journalist: PM took a dig at your dharna

Didi: My satyagraha was not political. He is scared. India is united now. Twenty three political parties are working together. Our one point programme is ‘Modi Hatao, Desh Bachao’. We have to protect the Constitution and the federal structure. He has lost his sleep. He is having nightmares. He is very scared.

He claims to be a chai-wallah. He has become Rafale-wallah.

Journalist: He called the grand alliance a ‘maha-milavat

Didi: Empty vessels sound much. I have never seen a more corrupt man. From Rafale to Paytm to Jan Dhan – everything will be exposed. From RBI to CBI, every institution is saying ‘bye bye’ to Modi. He has destroyed every institution.

Journalist: PM called for ousting Jagai-Madhai of Trinamool

Didi: Jagai-Madhai-Bidaai were my slogans. He is even copying my slogans now. Why did he leave Bidaai out? He is the bidaai. His expiry date is over. Entire country is fed-up with his lies. He will receive a resounding defeat in the elections. Why will the country suffer for him? People are angry.

Journalist: PM referred to Trinamool as Communist Party Part-2

Didi: He is an opportunist. Have you ever seen him take action against Communist leaders? Show me a single case. He is a great friend of communists. I will not taken lessons in politics from him. There are many Panchayats where they worked together.

Journalist: PM has said Didi does not work for the tea industry

Didi: Is it so? Ask him why he has not yet opened the seven tea gardens of the Duncan group. We provide 35 kg rice to tea garden workers. We provide free healthcare. He is doing drama before elections.

The State and Centre have their respective jurisdictions. They take away our revenues and give back a meagre share. He is not giving us any daan from the RSS or BJP coffers. He has not given us our dues.

It is not easy to intimidate Didi. As long as I am alive, people will always be with Trinamool. We will work for Maa, Mati, Manush. In Tripura they used money power. People of Bengal cannot be bought with votes. They are driving Bengalis -both Hindus and Muslims – away from Assam. I have struggled all my life. I have been an MP, union minister. I know the country well. If you take ‘panga’ with me, I become ‘changa’ (rejuvenated).

He doesn’t know India. He reached here only after Godhra & other conflicts.

Journalist: PM has said Didi went on dharna to protect those accused in scams

Didi: He is a master of Rafale. He is a master of demonetisation… He is a master of corruption. He is matter of arrogance. We respect the chair of the Prime Minister, not the Maddy Babu. He only speaks a bunch of lies. He is a shame for the country.

Journalist: In 2022, there will be no more kachcha houses

Didi: He says a lot of things. Most of them are lies. Nobody should believe him. The promises made in the Budget are eyewash. A new government will come and prepare a new Budget. He was supposed to present a vote-on-account.

Journalist: PM has suggested action will be taken in Narada case

Didi: How can he speak about sub-judice matters? He should respect the judiciary. This is contempt of court.

The news of action against police officers is a rumours. The police force is under State Government. They cannot take any action against the police officials. This is a blatant lie which he is saying.

Journalist: Centre is going to take action against the police officials

Didi: This is a fake news. A fake campaign is going on. Sometimes the media carries news which they receive on WhatsApp.

Journalist: A note by a former Defence official has surfaced regarding Rafale deal

Didi: The PMO interferes in every sector. He doesn’t allow any minister to work. When it comes to giving bhashan or to counter someone, he puts his ministers forward. They even appointed an official to audit our State Government finances. He is interfering in everything.

Even in the crop insurance scheme, we are giving all the money, but they are sending letters claiming credit for the scheme. We have opted out of Ayushman Bharat, yet they are sending health cards. This cannot continue.

You can fool some people some of the time, you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Journalist: Trinamool stand on Rafale deal

Didi: There has been a scam in the Rafale Deal. We support Congress on this matter.

Journalist: Triple Talaq Bill

Didi: I am in favour of women but there is a system for everything. My parliamentary party will deal with the issue.

Journalist: Is the constant tussle between State and Centre good for democracy?

Didi: They cannot stop our political voice. After the 19th January Brigade rally, the agencies have become active to take action against our party. Five years have passed. Just before elections they have become active.

Journalist: He called the mahagathbandhan as maha-milavat

Didi: Does he think everyone in the country is a thieve and he is the only saint? Is this the manner in which a PM speaks? Whoever is corrupt joins the BJP and becomes ‘honest’. They force leaders of other parties to join BJP by threatening to use the agencies against them.

Journalist: PM mentioned about action in chit fund scams

Didi: Chit funds started in the 1980s during the Left regime. We have arrested the man. We formed a SIT and also set up a Shyamal Sen Commission to return Rs 300 crore to depositors.

What about PCPL? What about Sahara? Where is the money? What action has been taken against BJP leaders?

After the investigation went to the CBI, it is not in our hands. And now the term of the commission is over. CBI has not returned any money.

We want poor people’s money to be returned immediately.

Journalist: You said industrialists have left the country

Didi: About 80,000 entrepreneurs have left the country due to BJP’s atrocities. We will bring them back by working together. Even the media is being terrorised by the BJP. We will bring a new industry policy.

Journalist: Action taken in Singur

Didi: We have returned all land in Singur. They receive rice at Rs 2/kg. They get a monthly pension of Rs 2,000. We even gave a one-time grant of Rs 10,000 when we handed over land deeds. We have fulfilled our commitment.