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February 24, 2019

State Govt to make govt websites visually-challenged friendly

State Govt to make govt websites visually-challenged friendly

The Bangla Government’s Information Technology and Electronics (IT&E) Department, in association with the State Social Welfare Department plans to launch a drive to make government and public sector websites accessible to visually challenged persons.

The plan is to create read-aloud versions of the existing websites by adding ‘read aloud’ extensions to the websites, compatible with internet browsers like Google Chrome, that convert text to speech, said a senior official of the IT&E Department.

For images, the plan is to add alternative text-based information which can be read aloud by software.

The official further said that to facilitate comfortable viewing for those with low vision, the plan is to have all content navigable by arrow keys and images with large contrast ratio between background and foreground colour.

The project would be accomplished with the help of the State Government’s agency for technology development, WEBEL.

Source: Millennium Post

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