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February 12, 2019

People are not allowed to go to places, this is condemnable: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today addressed the press at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. Reacting to the incident in Uttar Pradesh, where Akhilesh Yadav was not allowed to attend a university programme, she said this is unfortunate and condemnable.

Highlights of the Chief Minister’s speech:

Narendra Modi and the President of his party keep harping about democracy at risk when they visit Opposition-ruled States. And in a BJP-ruled State, if policemen are killed on the line of duty, there is rampant lynching in the name of gau-raksha.

If under Yogi’s rule, a former Chief Minister is not allowed to attend a college event then there is ‘rukawat’. ‘Rukawat ke liye khed hai’…There is such a situation in the country today that people are not allowed to go to places.

Jignesh was also stopped from attending a University event in Gujarat. He was threatened by BJP goons & they preach to us. They indulge in hate politics. Never before was this ever done in our nation. It’s unfortunate, I condemn this.

BJP has destroyed the unity of the country. They are distributing money and inciting violence. They believe in the politics of hate. They are misusing agencies. This has never happened before in our country. ‘Unity in diversity’ is the foundation of our country. It is unfortunate that this very idea is under attack today.

People of this country are very intelligent. We’ve a great admiration for Bhupen Hazarika. When his family has a sentiment regarding Citizenship Amendment Bill; we appreciate their sentiments. We oppose the Bill strongly. They want to insult people in the name of this Bill. Why are they changing the strategy and insulting people in name of Citizenship Amendment Bill? You cannot divide people; we want all citizens to be honoured.

There are pacts like Indira-Mujib pact, Liaquat-Nehru pact. Why should those, who are already Indian citizens, become non-citizens under Citizenship Amendment Bill? Then the Centre will decide who will be given citizenship and who won’t. We are the only party which opposed this Bill tooth and nail from the beginning at the meetings of Parliamentary Standing Committee. They cannot create divisions between people. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians – everyone is a citizen of this country. People of north-east are suffering. We extend our full support to them.

Arvind Kejriwal has invited me to attend their dharna tomorrow. I will be present there. That apart, I will also attend the foundation stone laying ceremony of Gorkha Bhavan at New Delhi. GTA is setting this up. I will also meet leaders of various political parties.

Madhyamik exams are going on in Bangla. Higher Secondary exams will begin soon, along with CBSE, ICSE. My best wishes to all the students. Hope they succeed in these exams.

Narendra Modi knows his expiry date is here. We will go to polls soon. People of the country want change. They want a new government. People want ‘United India’. We want to save democracy and save the country.