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February 14, 2019

BJP only spreads lies: Mamata Banerjee

BJP only spreads lies: Mamata Banerjee

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today addressed a press conference at Press Club of India in New Delhi. Here are some highlights of the press meet

On internal conflicts within the grand alliance

There may be local compulsions. These may vary from State to State. Keeping this in mind, we have decided, even if we fight at State level, we must go for a pre-poll alliance at national level, so that we can stake claim to form the government after elections.

On alliance in Bengal

In yesterday’s meeting senior leaders of several parties were present. We have decided we will form a pre-poll alliance at national level. If some parties do not want to take a stand, it is up to them. We respect that.

In our State, CPI(M) and Congress will contest against us. We have been fighting against them. We are not going to contest against Congress in Madhya Pradesh or Rajasthan, are we? In Bengal we have the strong organisation. In Delhi, AAP has the strength.

People of the country are very intelligent. They know who can win the election against BJP. Leave it to the people. Amit Shah and BJP must go out. This is in national interest. This is worse than emergency. All the sections of the society must unite today.

I am ready to sacrifice everything to prevent Modi-Shah from coming back to power. We have to protect the unity and integrity of the country. They have sold the country.

The situation in my State is different. The situation in UP is different. The situation in Andhra is different. It is a different situation in Delhi. It depends on the State.

BJP also has state-wise strategy to win the election

Our strategy is crystal-clear. We want to defeat the BJP. Their expiry date is over.

Allegations of BJP not being allowed to do rallies in Bangla

Their National President addressed a rally just two days after he was discharged from hospital. He was suffering from swine-flu. Why are they telling lies? 4-5 Chief Ministers, 10-12 Union Ministers addressed rallies and they are saying we are not allowing them? Why are they afraid.

On the Common Minimum Programme for Grand Alliance

I cannot comment on this now. They have been given the charge to prepare the draft. Let them prepare it. Then we will decide.

On the anti-industry perception about Bengal

This is absolutely wrong. We love both industry and agriculture. They are like two sisters. The nation cannot progress without either of the two.

On the terror attack in Pulwama

This is a shocking incident. We condemn this attack. Our express our solidarity with the jawans. The government must take appropriate action.

On chit funds

Chit funds started in the 1980s during the Left regime. It was during Trinamool tenure that the owner of Saradha was arrested. West Bengal Government formed a SIT and also set up the Shyamal Sen Commission to return Rs 300 crore to depositors. After the investigation went to the CBI, the State Government did not have any role to play in returning the money. CBI has already seized and sold many properties and assets belonging to the companies. That money should be returned immediately.

Why is the Centre harassing us? If we go to an event and someone clicks a photo with us, can we take the responsibility. The Sahara sponsored the Indian Cricket team. Should action be taken against the latter? The Deputy CM of Assam also took money from chit funds. But all is forgiven since he joined the BJP? Is this right?

All CBI officers are not bad. We respect them. We do not differentiate between state and central officers. But, Modi-Shah and NSA Chief Doval calls them to their office and orders them ‘do something against these leaders’. And they have to do it. This is BJP propaganda and politics of vindictive.

On the terror attack in Kashmir

We do not like to politick on matters of national interest. Any attack on the jawans of our country is sad and tragic. We are with the government on this matter, even if they speak against us.

On the Prime Ministerial candidate of the Opposition

This is a fight of one versus hundred.

On Citizenship Amendment Bill

You are sitting in Delhi. You do not have any idea about the ground realities. Why did the Bill lapse? Go to the north-eastern States. They are celebrating. BJP was banking on 25 seats in the north-east. Those are also gone.

We respect people of all castes, creed, religion, and communities. A true leader works for all, not someone who discriminates.

On BJP’s arrogance

BJP has become arrogant. They only indulge in lies. Even Subramanyan Swamy is tweeting that two media channels are in BJP’s pockets. I am not saying this. A BJP MP is saying this.

On TRS and BJD

K Chandrasekhar Rao is the Chief Minister of Telangana. Naveen Patnaik is the Chief Minister of Odisha. We have regards for both.

On sting operations

I do not want to comment on sting operations. BJP conducts these operations in lieu of money. They cannot provide roti-kapda-makan and are busy conducting stings.

On the meeting with the President of India

It was a courtesy visit.

On Rafale scam

Rafale is a big scam. Demonetisation was a big scam. The truth will come out after this government goes out of power. The BJP has destroyed all the institutions.

On future course of action

We have to save the country, not ourselves. People of the country will decide.