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February 13, 2019

Bangla among the best in India in rural housing

Bangla among the best in India in rural housing

As per the latest Union Government report, Bangla has risen to the second position in the country in terms of providing housing to the rural poor, which the Trinamool Congress Government provides under the Banglar Awas Yojana (BAY).

As per the report, till date (2018), 11,24,842 houses have been built under BAY in the State.

Before starting work, a survey was conducted across the State. As per that survey, 3,920 rural families were found to be homeless. They were provided with homes first.

Next was the turn of the families who lived in non-permanent structures. This number was found to be 33 lakh approximately. A special cell was set up under the State Panchayats and Rural Development Department to construct houses for them. Now homes are being built for them under BAY. Hence, a total of 11,24,842 houses have been built.

The target for the current financial year is 5.86 lakh, of which 3,13,927 have been constructed. The rest will be built by March 2019.

Source: Bartaman

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