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February 26, 2019

All KMC wards to get facilities for waste segregation at source

All KMC wards to get facilities for waste segregation at source

Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s (KMC) Solid Waste Management (SWM) Department recently introduced facilities for waste segregation at source in 20 wards.

The corporation plans to introduce the system in all 144 wards in phases, in three months, said the mayor while inaugurating the project.

The system of segregation of waste at source requires the usage of separate bins for different kinds of waste materials – one for dumping biodegradable waste, which is green in colour, and another for non-biodegradable waste, which is white in colour.

Each household will be given the two plastic bins. Cooked and uncooked food, fish scales, egg shells, vegetable waste, parts of flowers or fruits and other biodegradable waste, etc would have to be disposed off in the green bin while discarded items made of paper, rubber, plastic, glass, wood, iron and other metals would have to be kept in the white bin.

While the green bins will be collected on a daily basis, the white bins will be collected every alternate day. The materials from the green bins will be recycled by KMC at its landfill site in Dhapa.

It may be mentioned that Kolkata, under the administration of the Trinamool Congress-run municipal corporation, was India’s first city to introduce compactor stations for processing waste, which gradually replaced almost all open vats in the city.

Moreover, the city uses pollution-free battery-operated vehicles for collecting garbage (for depositing at the compactor stations) in several places. Further, the KMC is in the process of procuring more such vehicles by the end of the financial year 2019-20, to completely replace hand-pulled garbage collection vehicles.

Source: Millennium Post

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