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February 18, 2019

We are trying to maintain peace, but BJP is trying to incite danga: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addressed the media at Nabanna today.

Here are the salient points that she said:

We have not said anything against the Centre after the Pulwama attack as we know we should be united as a country in this hour of need. No one has to tell us what we have to do on this count.

But over the last 48 hours, we have noticed anti-national attacks taking place on certain people.

Last night, RSS flags were used by its members to foment passions in Behala, which is turning communal.

Similar attacks are taking place in other States as well. We are condemning all these incidents.

A few weeks back, the US government had warned that communal flare-ups can take place.

We have been quiet but Modi and Shah have started using the Pulwama incident in their speeches with political motivation.

We must be careful about rumours and false news; we can never back these cooked-up incidents.

Why was there an intelligence failure when there were inputs that attack can take place? Why were 2,500 jawans moving in one convoy? Why were they not airlifted?

The Central Government had inputs from intelligence agencies on February 8 that such attacks might happen before the elections. Why was still no action taken? Why was such a convoy still allowed to travel?

By the way, I also have intelligence reports that my phone is always tapped, which many of you might already know.

I am strictly instructing all police personnel: No riot or conflict will be encouraged in any way; whenever noticed, immediate counter-action will have to be taken.

Why was Pakistan allowed to carry out such an attack? Why did it have to happen before the election?

An incident has happened, but no one, including the media, can incite communal passions. The media must continue to play a responsible role.

BJP, RSS and VHP are inciting communal tensions in different parts of the country. Beware of social media networks as well as the BJP network.

I have kept quiet all this while but incidents are continuing to happen. They are trying to foment trouble in a planned manner, which is why I have had to say all this.

Even the media is being labelled as anti-national. Is it only that the BJP and RSS are national and the rest are anti-national?

I will not answer political questions now. All I can say is that if any all-party meeting is announced where the leaders are called, we will attend.