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February 27, 2019

State Fire Dept to train youths of clubs for emergency help

State Fire Dept to train youths of clubs for emergency help

The State Fire and Emergency Services Department has decided on a plan to train youths from various clubs in Kolkata so that they can help in an emergency in their local areas. This was announced by the concerned minister recently during a programme at the Kolkata Book Fair.

Sometimes it takes time for Fire Department vehicles to reach the spots in time, often because of unavoidable reasons like traffic, distance, barriers around the structure, etc.

The minister said that if there is awareness at the grassroots level, fires can be arrested or controlled in a much better manner. The clubs would also be provided with basic fire-fighting equipment.

The Fire Department’s officer-in-charge of a particular area will be responsible for providing training to the youths of the clubs in that area.

The programme at the Book Fair also saw the release of a free booklet created by the department on fire-fighting measures. The minister also said that his department is considering the inclusion of fire-fighting measure in the State Government’s school syllabus, for which it will hold talks with the Education Department.

Source: The Statesman

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