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February 2, 2019

Mamata Banerjee reacts to BJP’s false allegations

Mamata Banerjee reacts to BJP’s false allegations

Reaction of Trinamool Chairperson and Bangla Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee to BJP’s false allegations:

The death knell of his government has been sounded. Expiry date of Modi Government is here. He has ruled for five years with the help of CBI, IT and ED. They have orchestrated riots and killed people.

They have destroyed the economy with demonetisation and hurried implementation of GST. This is a fascist government. He has no courtesy. He does not know the manner in which a PM must speak. His arrogance will soon end.

His political career started with Godhra riots. What happened to Haren Pandya? Victims of 2002 riots have not got justice. He lacks humanity and compassion. I feel ashamed.

We organised United India Rally. Does he have any allies left? He is busy with his own fashion. He even reads his speeches from a teleprompter. He is good for nothing. He promised to bring back black money. What happened to the promise of Rs 15 lakh?

We are in power for two more years. They are on their way out. They are bringing leaders from all over India to address rallies in Bengal. Had they given even a portion of this money to Bengal, people would have benefitted.

We provide rice at Rs 2/kg. We have schemes like Kanyashree, Sabooj Sathi, Samabyathi, Baitarani and many other schemes.

They want us to pass the Citizenship Bill. They are driving Bengalis out. Biharis and Nepalis are also being persecuted. 22 lakh Bengalis have been left out of NRC. We will not allow them to incite riots between people. We will not allow north-eastern States to burn. We will not allow sectarian violence. They have to withdraw the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

BJP lacks leaders in Bengal. They brought people from outside with so many special trains.

Twelve thousand farmers have committed suicide during Modi rule in India.

I respected Atal Ji. But many of the current leaders of BJP are not worthy of respect.

Demonetisation is a big scam. Jan Dhan is a big scam. Rafale is a big scam.

BJP is destroying the country by promoting riots and violence. Democracy is under threat. Agencies are being misused. Political opponents are being targeted.

The opposition parties have one aim – Modi hatao, Desh bachao.

Just because he was questioned by CBI, everyone else has to be questioned too? His role in the riots was known fact, hence he was questioned.

Bengal has withdrawn from Ayushman Bharat. Health is a state subject. So are education and agriculture. We have Swasthya Sathi scheme. Healthcare is free in Bengal. They only speak about welfare of people during elections.

They are copying our schemes, but failing miserably while implementing them. For example, the budget of Beti Bachao per state is Rs 3-4 crore. The budget for Kanyashree scheme in Bengal is Rs 7000 crore.

Centre promised that they will double farmers’ income by 2022. We have already tripled farmers’ income. We have waived off khajna tax on agricultural land. We have started a new scheme ‘Krishak Bandhu’ scheme. What has he done for farmers and labourers?

2 crore people lost their jobs under Modi. We have reduced unemployment by 40%. We are No. 1 in skill development. He must speak on facts. He is uneducated.

They have not taken any action on Deocha Pachami, Sagar Port or Tajpur port. Bengal has been deprived. No new trains have been allocated for the State.

The new announcement on tax relief is also a hoax to mislead people. The devil lies in the details. They know they will not remain in power. Hence, they are saying anything they want.

From the judiciary to the media, no one has been spared. What is the reason behind this arrogance?

Bengali culture has taught us to live with our heads held high.

They are jealous of the development and progress of Bengal. Where were they when the State was suffering during the Left rule?

BJP and Left have become one. Don’t be surprised if the participants at today’s rallies are seen at Brigade tomorrow.

Chit funds were created in the 1980s. Why was no action taken till 2011? They have destroyed the country in the last four years. We do not need their lectures.

People are tired of riot syndicate, lynching syndicate, gau-rakshak syndicate. He is the leader of syndicate of the agencies.