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February 4, 2019

Bangla Govt ensuring proper implementation of Right to Public Services Act, 2013

To ensure that the people of Bangla get all manner of public services as mandated by the State Government, as per the rules, the West Bengal Right to Public Services Act, 2013 was brought into force.

The State Consumer Affairs Departments oversees this aspect, and the name, ‘Somoyer Sathi, Aapnar Sathe’ has been given to the structure for ensuring timely implementation of government services.

Twenty-three State departments have already issued advertisements for making people aware of the government’s responsibility towards giving the services, as per various rules and regulations.

As per the ads, to get any government service, one should visit the designated departmental official and submit a written request for the service through Form-1.

One should remember to take the stamped acknowledgement slip, attached to Form-1. If the person is not given the acknowledgement form or does not received the service as promised, an appeal can be files through Form-2 and submitted to the appellate official.

To ensure the proper disbursal of all services, the West Bengal Right to Public Service Commission (WBRPSC) was formed, as per the Right to Public Services Act, 2013. The commission is in regular touch with all government departments to ensure proper administering of all public services.

The WBRPSC can be contacted at Consumer Affairs Bhavan, 5th Floor, 11A Mirza Ghalib Street, Kolkata 700087, or at (033) 22093727 or at [email protected]

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