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February 25, 2019

Karmanjali: Hostels for working women

Karmanjali: Hostels for working women

On February 22, Chief Minister inaugurated a new project, Karmanjali. It is a scheme for building hostels for working women.

The scheme has started with the inauguration of five women’s hostels in Kolkata. More and more such hostels would be set up across the State. Karmanjali is a scheme of the State Housing Department.

These hostels would solve a major problem for women, as they often face a lot of difficulties in finding safe places to put up in when taking up jobs in places away from their hometowns.

The rent for the hostels would be nominal, so that women of all means are able to stay. Each apartment consists of a room, a bathroom, a balcony and a kitchen. There is 24-hours water supply and adequate security at the hostels.

The first five hostel blocks inaugurated are as follows: Two 34-apartment blocks located at Regent Park and on Becharam Chatterjee Street, a 76-apartment block on Harey Krishna Seth Lane, a 61-apartment block on Banamali Naskar Road and a 96-apartment block on BN Roy Road.

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