Lok Sabha

February 4, 2019

Saugata Roy speaks on misuse of CBI against State Government

Saugata Roy speaks on misuse of CBI against State Government


There has been an incident in the State of West Bengal. After 6 PM on a Sunday, 40 officers of the CBI went to the house of the Police Commissioner of Kolkata without taking any previous permission, without specific order from the Court and they wanted to question the Police Commissioner of Kolkata.

Our Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee went to the Police Commissioner’s residence and she protested but they were unrelenting. As a result, the Chief Minister sat for a ‘dharna’ since last night. These forces pose a constitutional challenge.

The Satyagraha by the Chief Minister is to highlight the misuse of CBI by the Central Government against Opposition Governments and they have done it especially after the January 19 rally, where 22 political parties got together to challenge Mr Modi and his BJP party. They are constantly using the CBI to throttle the Opposition voice, and to intimidate them. A situation like this is unforeseen in the country. CBI ka toh do director chala gaya. Why is the CBI being used in this? And there is a High Court injunction on any action against the Kolkata Police Commissioner up to February 13.

The CBI went to the Supreme Court today. They have got no order form the Supreme Court which asks the CBI to produce all necessary and relevant papers. We strongly protest with all the forces at our command against the CBI and the BJP leadership led by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah to really damage the Constitutional structure, if such a face-off between the State Government and the Centre takes place.

Madam, I want the Prime Minister to be called to the House. Let him reply. Why the Government of India is misusing CBI against State Governments? This cannot go on day after day. Our Chief Minister is in indefinite ‘dharna’. Today, our State Budget is there. Still, she is at the ‘dharna’ because of the misuse of CBI, which was called caged parrot earlier.

And now, there is clash between the previous director, Aloke Verma and Rakesh Asthana. Both of them have been removed. Overlooking Mr Kharge’s opposition, they have gone on to appoint another director.

Madam, CBI is being used against the State Government illegally, politically, to capture Bengal. This is not the way they will succeed. In elections, they will get a big zero however many times Rajnath Singh ji, Narendra Modi ji and Amit Shah ji visit Bengal. What they have done is they created a constitutional crisis.