Lok Sabha

February 7, 2019

Kalyan Banerjee speaks on Motion of the thanks on President’s address

Kalyan Banerjee speaks on Motion of the thanks on President’s address


Respected Madam, I’m grateful that you have given me the chance to deliver a speech on the address by the President of India to the Parliament.

Madam, I pay my respect to His Excellency the President of India. But with great respect, I disagree with the content of the speech, since the speech has no foundational value facts, therefore I can’t support the contents of the speech.

Madam, yes, the country is running under uncertainty which is because of demonetization. Immediately after the demonetization and announcement of GST, the country is running in uncertainty. It is an undecided stand on regulation around the crypto-currency eco-system. India’s security competition with other countries like China, USA etc, rising unemployment and crisis of farmers which have proved social inequality through this NDA government.

Madam, the Nobel Prize winner economist Amartya Sen, conceded that the act of demonetization as a deprivation of the freedom of Indian people. I quote Professor Sen, ”Demonetization is despotic action that struck at the root of our economy based on trust.”

Madam, it has been said in this speech that the goal of this government is to improve the life of every Indian. My question is – what actually has improved the life of every Indian during the last five years and how?

Madam, when the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana was launched, it aimed to provide 50 crores free gas connection by 2019. But now they have achieved only 26% of their target. Comptroller and Auditor General’s report notes that in 2015-16, households with LPG connection using an average of 6.27 crore cylinder in a year but after the scheme was launched the number of users of cylinder came down by 5.6%. While in many places BPL households have transferred the LPG connection under the LPG scheme that has not been counted in the scheme. As on April 1, 2018, there were an estimated 27.72 crores household connections in the country and 25.68 crores households have a LPG connection which is almost 96% coverage. But only 80% households have an active LPG connection as on April 1, 2018. In simple words 3.25 crores or nearly 13% domestic LPG consumers are ineffective.

The West Bengal State Government under the guidance of Hon. Mamata Banerjee has started low-cost fair price medicine shops in 2011 when she came into power. Swasthya Sathi health insurance scheme which started in 2016 covering all the districts of West Bengal and nearly 65 lakh families of the self-help group members, ICDS workers and helpers and etc.

Nearly 65 lakh families of the Self Help group members, ICDS workers and helpers etc categories are covered.Almost 3 crore are beneficiaries of this scheme. In 2014 Honourable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that all patients will get free treatment in all government hospitals and help centres across the state including all medical colleges and 2.5 crore patients have already covered under this scheme. While Pradhanmantri Janarogya Yojana is started by the central government on 21st September, 2018 only. There has been a 2.1 percent decline in the allocation for the National Health Mission- a National Health program that funds infrastructure for primary healthcare from Rs. 31 thousand 292 crores in 2017-18 to 30 thousand 638 crores budget estimate.

Madam, Gokhale, Maharashtrian saint said ,”What Bengal Thinks Today, India thinks tomorrow”. Aj nara change ho gaya hai.In Indian politics nara hai aj “What Mamataji Thinks Today, Modiji Thinks Tomorrow’, it is a nara abhi aj ka desh ka hai.

As per available central data to alleviate this challenge to malnutrition and proper immunisation West Bengal performs than National average.Coverage of food supplementation in first 10 years has improved considerably for all the beneficiary groups.From 23.1 percent to 56.6 percent for pregnant women, from 19.3 percent to 46.5 percent for lactate women, and from 33.3 percent to 71.9 percent for children. I want to inform this house that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has already adopted a multi sectional strategy to Zero tolerance under nutrition and anaemia among the women and children at targeted manner by 2020.
The National Statistics on undernourished children below 5 years is 38.4 percent.

Madam, despite several financial burden our Chief Minister and our beloved Didi Mamata Banerjee has started two new schemes in West Bengal, just now our senior leader, our Ex- Prime Minister has referred to that is the by waiving tax on agricultural land and Krishak Bandhu scheme to route out the basic problems of the farmers and some labours in the state to gate the private landed. Madam, this house do are seen that over to twelve thousand suicide reporting the agriculture sector. Every year since 2013 farmer suicide background of approx 10% of all suicide in India. NCRB data point out that two thousand four hundred seventy-four suicide out of the so study. Three thousand farmer suicide in 2015. The victims had an unpaid loan for local banks. Maharashtra had 1,293 suicides. Karnataka had 946 both this state so one of the highest suicide in farmer suicide. As well as in death ness and during the BJP government that Karnataka was suicide has committed that BJP was the running the government. As per recent record of crime record bureau ‘two thousand three hundred seventy-two women farmers have committed suicide. Suicide list is very high.

Madamji, today constitutional institutions have been destroyed by this government. This CBI, all we are having, all throughout the people of India. The post is confident on the Central Bureau of Investigation because of today of prime minister Narendra Modiji interference. This CBI has become a circus. We are seeing the circus for the last two years. We are seeing the circus when two CBI officer was one war divesting criminal case by log in FIR against another CBI officer. What is this fun? This is because mishandling CBI had to be they wanted to be used as a handmade of condemn. CBI has to be dictated. We have seen RBI how the Reserve Bank of India. Madam now in India emergency there was an interruption, there was interference in the independence of the judiciary and we are taken 30-40 years time to repair this judiciary. Sir, last two or three years the Indian judiciary have been interfere by the present ruling government itself. We don’t know of 75 superstation of the case. Once superstation of this case have been interfere. The tragedy of these things is madam I tell you Justice Khanna was the second. Who was second in this Supreme Court. Who was superseded and he resigned. But today’s mystery is this, pathetic condition is this, he is with you after superseding 33 persons from all over India, and three persons from the Delhi high court for becoming chief justice or becoming a judge in the Indian judiciary. That is the biggest tragedy in the Indian judicial system.

Now, the freedom of speech has gone. Not I am speaking only all big actress all celebrity are saying. Freedom of speech had interfered and we are running under this system. Indira Gandhi declared Emergency in written But Today Narendra Modiji has a declared an emergency without any writing. Undeclared emergency is going on in entire country. CBI has to be used to throttle the voice of the opposition. This is the situation has come. All ED has to be sent. Opposition’s voice cannot be stalled. People is looking after this things.

People are understood what is going on in this country. Our respected senior leader and ex. Honorable prime minister just now said how the coalition government has run on the basis of the mutual discussion itself. We have to be learnt it. Tomorrow the days are coming this type of coalition government of course will run this country. Will not take the revenge. But revenge has been taken by Narendra Modi. They will not throttle the speech of the opposition leader. They will not shorten the speech of everyone.

I have seen in the 15th Lok Sabha when the BJP was sitting here. I respect to them. How they think, how they oppose, how they are delivering the speech. And Today when Modiji comes and delivers his speech, they will shout “ModiJi, ModiJi, ModiJi!” – a big circus. What the the comparison between the 15th Loksabha BJP Bengal doing circus. “ Kuch nehi hoga, jana hay, jayega up lok. Ghar ghar me, har state mey nara hay, BJP tumko jana hay. Har ghar pe nara hay, Modiji tumko jana hay.