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August 29, 2014

West Bengal Govt to come up with fisheries policy

West Bengal Govt to come up with fisheries policy

To attract investors in the fisheriessector, the West Bengal government will offer incentives which it normallyprovides to other industries. The state government will come up with new policiesto attract investment in the fisheries sector in mid-October.  State's minister-in-charge for Fisheries, MrChandranath Sinha said this at a conference 'Investment Opportunities inFisheries Sector of West Bengal' organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce.

West Bengal had no policy for the fisheriessector. The state government is working on a new policy for the sector. Therewould be a particular chapter on the incentives, subsidies, and grants in termsof what the government of West Bengal would provide the entrepreneurs investingin this sector. It could be capital subsidy, stamp duty and electricity andwhat the Government generally offers to small industries.

In its bid to welcome investments in itsfisheries sector the state government would also lease water-bodies long-termor on a PPP mode or it could also be a joint venture. Any private company,entrepreneur can also go for water management (aquaculture) on lease basisplus. We also have number of water bodies and land which we can offer once thepolicy is approved by the government. This can be on a long term lease, or itcan be a joint-venture or a PPP mode. Since there are number of support forentrepreneurs' societies.

Bengal has a large number of touristlodges, beautiful, lands and the Government will invite private companies tocome forward and promote tourism as the state has a huge potential in fishtourism.