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August 28, 2014

Students are the future of the country: Trinamool Chairperson

Students are the future of the country: Trinamool Chairperson

Trinamool Congress Chhatra Parishad (TMCP),the students' wing of the party, organized a historic students' rally earlier today. Trinamool Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee address therally, which was held near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Dharmatala. The rally was held to commemorate the foundation day of TMCP.

The historic rally saw the participationof students from all parts of West Bengal. Students fromeach block of the state were present at the rally. Senior party leaders were also present and spoke on the occasion to give guidelines for the future to the student-wing of the party.

Excerpts from the Chairperson's speech:

I welcome you all. My best wishes to all myyouths and students. I was listening to the speeches of the young leaderstoday. They made me nostalgic. I kept remembering the days when I was intostudent politics in college. There was a time when women leaders could not makespeeches at rallies. I was always asked to lead them.

Earlier if Opposition conducted rallies inBengal, we were beaten up by the Left Front. I remember, on one occasion themicrophone was snatched from my hands. We have all began our political careerwith student politics.

You are the future of the Nation. You arethe future of administration. You are the future of the world. Student communitiesare filled with ideals, energy and enthusiasm. Earlier participating inanti-Left politics would be rewarded with false FIR by Govt. This has come downmanifold.

Some people are trying to incite riots inBengal. Some people are trying to instigate violence. Some people are trying todrive a wedge between Hindus and Muslims. I respect the dignity of labour. Iadmire people who work hard, with honesty and integrity. People are our pride.Students and youths are our assets. I do not believe in arrogance.

Some people will keep doing maliciouspropaganda against us. We will keep doing our work for the people. We muststick to our ideals. We must have confidence in ourselves and keep our headshigh. Students and youths are our strengths. We need your support to become theNo. 1 in India.

Nothing changed after the change ofGovernment at Centre. The Centre is taking away our revenues for debt instalmentrepayment.  If the Centre did not takeour revenues away, we could have generated jobs for lakhs of people.

There were only 38 colleges in Bengal till2011. We have set up 31 colleges in last 3 years. During Left Front rule, only1 university was formed. We set up 8 new universities in 3 years. We havestarted the Kanyashree scheme forgirls. It has been recognized globally. We have also started Sikkhashree scheme for SC/ST students.We have started Yuvashree scheme forunemployed youth. One lakh people are registered in employment bank.

We have decided to give skill developmenttraining to 10 lakh youths in the next 3 years. Companies like Samsung andRaymonds will train and employ our students. A Skill Development Center of theUN is being set up in the State.

Bengal emerged No. 1 among States innational skill development competition. Bengal is No. 1 in MSME sector. We haveshown 106% growth. Our Government goes to the districts for conductingadministrative meetings. We have held 72 such meetings. I do not think anyother government anywhere functions like this.

The Centre is now taking about opening bankaccounts; we have taken the initiative to set up banks in rural areas. We havegiven Kisan Credit Cards to almost all the farmers.

The Centre talks about Women's reservation.Women already have 50% reservation in Panchayats and Municipal bodies inBengal. 33% of Trinamool MPs are women. Our actions speak louder than ourwords.

Some people think they can win over Indiawith money power. BJP got only 29% votes. It was not a mandate. My advice toBJP is to shed its arrogance. Their balloon is already punctured. They shoulddesist from trying to divide Hindus and Muslims. We will not tolerate anyviolence in Bengal.  CPI(M) harmad army has now joined the BJP Bhairav vahini and is doing goondaism inBengal.

The Left incurred debts. And now we arepaying for their sins. Even though we have increased our revenues, the Centreis taking away major share of the revenue. Despite financial crunch, we areworking for development. We are setting up ITIs, polytechnic colleges. We aredelivering on the promises we made.

The delegation of industrialists, who wentwith us to Singapore, went on their own expense. Some media houses tried tospread false, malicious lies about Singapore visit. Those who interacted withus in Singapore expressed their surprise at the extent of malicious liespeddled against Bengal.

After chit fund scam, we arrested theculprit from Kashmir. We created a fund and a commission to return the money tothe people. Trinamool Congress does not run on chit fund money. We havepeople's blessings with us. We do not need money and multi-crore advertising towin elections. We speak the language of the people. We need electoral reformsin India. We must make elections state-funded.

It is my earnest dream and belief thatTrinamool Congress will emerge as the ideal political alternative for India. Wewill not live forever. The youth has to take over from us. We have to create anew generation of leaders. You must use social media to connect to the people.

Trinamool Congress is of the people, forthe people and by the people. We will celebrate TMCP Foundation Day as Chhatra Divas. I am proud to say I beganmy career with student politics.

Hope the upcoming festive season will bringpeace and happiness for all. My greetings to you all.