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August 7, 2014

Trinamool urges Centre not to restrict MNREGS to select Blocks in India

Trinamool urges Centre not to restrict MNREGS to select Blocks in India

Trinamool MP Saugata Roy today raised theissue of non-payment of funds for 100 Days Work Scheme by the Centre in LokSabha. Speaking on the issue he highlighted that Bengal ranked No.1 in thecountry in terms of expenditure under MNREGS in 2013-14 and recorded highest-everexpenditure of more than Rs 5600 crore.

He said that the Centre was yet to releasepending funds for this scheme to the tune of Rs 885 crore as a result of whichpoor people were not getting their wages.

He also slammed the proposed move of theGovt to restrict the MNREGS scheme to select Blocks in the country. He demandedto know why poor people from other districts would be deprived of the benefitsof the scheme.

Transcript of his full speech:

The Mahatma Gandhi National RuralEmployment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) was introduced in this country to giveminimum 100 Days Work to the rural poor. First, it started with certain numberof blocks, then, it was made effective in all rural blocks of this country.

West Bengal was one of the States whichimplemented the scheme effectively, especially during the present government.In 2013-14, West Bengal had spent Rs 5600 crore on the scheme, which was an allIndia record. But, the Central Government is not paying its share in thescheme. Till now, Rs 885 crore is due from the Centre to West Bengal onMGNREGS. The West Bengal Chief Minister has protested against this non-paymentand she has demanded that this amount be paid immediately. Otherwise, the poorpeople in rural areas cannot be paid their wages due to the Hundred Days Work.

Now again, the Central Government isproposing to keep MGNREGS alive in only a few selected blocks in this country.This will be an anti-people step, because question will arise, what will thepoor do in other blocks of the country?

I demand that West Bengal be immediatelypaid its dues so that wages to rural poor may be paid and the scheme be keptalive in all the rural blocks of the country.