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August 5, 2014

Arpita Ghosh speaks in LS about the problems faced by people in border areas

Trinamool MP from Balurghat, Arpita Ghosh,today voiced the problems faced by people in border areas. She said that herconstituency shared border with Bangladesh and has a huge presence of BSFbecause of security reasons. She said that people complained to her about thenuisance committed by the BSF in border areas. She asked the Govt to look intothe matter and help the people of her constituency.

Transcriptof Arpita Ghosh's speech:

Respected Madam, thank you so much forgiving me this opportunity to speak during this zero hour. Madam, myconstituency of Balurghat in West Bengal consists of whole South Dinajpurdistrict and Itahar block of North Dinajpur district. South Dinajpur is surroundedby Bangladesh border; those border areas have the presence of Border SecurityForce for security reasons.

But Madam, during the election campaign,people complained about BSF consistently; BSF are creating a lot of nuisancethere. They are troubling the local villages a lot for no reasons. Through youI would like to request the concerned Honorable Minister to take the necessaryaction regarding this, which will help the people of the border areas of myconstituency, especially Hili block which is adjacent to the Bangladesh border.

Hope you will look into the matter forhelping the common people over there. Thank you.