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August 7, 2014

Sukhendu Sekhar Roy highlights Bengal`s success in combating left wing extremism in Rajya Sabha

Sukhendu Sekhar Roy highlights Bengal`s success in combating left wing extremism in Rajya Sabha

Trinamool MP Sukhendu Sekhar Roy todayspoke in Rajya Sabha on the working of the Home Ministry. During his speech hehighlighted the alarming rise in crimes against people belonging to ScheduledCaste and Scheduled Tribes. He also spoke at length on the rising number ofcrimes against women.

Mr Roy said that rape is a social menaceand no political party can be blamed for it. The previous Govt had enacted astringent law and against rapes after Nirbhaya case, he said, but that has notprevented rapes from happening. He appealed to the home minister to implementlaws more strictly.

“Girls are not safe at homes. Kids are notsafe in schools. Women are not safe in courts. How will we answer the public?”lamented Mr Roy.

He also highlighted the pro-active stepstaken by the West Bengal govt to curb the crimes against women. He cited thedata of National Crime Records Bureau, the number of rapes reported in Bengalas per the proportion of population is lower than 10 other States, he said. “We have formed new commissionerates. We haverecruited women constables. We are trying to combat the situation. This shouldbe followed across all States,” added Mr Roy.

The Parliamentarian also warned thegovernment of the rising incidents of communal incidents in India. He alsotalked at length about the left wing extremist violence. He cited theJangalmahal model followed by West Bengal Government that has brought peace inthe region.

“Mamata Banerjee knows that only force isnot sufficient. She won the hearts of people in Jangalmahal with development. Iam happy to say that peace prevails in Jangalmahal. We have also announcedextra funds for providing amnesty to Maoists who surrender,” Mr Roy said.

Mr Roy demanded funds for 'Safe City'project in Kolkata. He asked the Centre to form a task force for cattlemovement in border areas. He also asked the government not to charge any levyfor deployment of security forces for combating left wing extremism. He alsosaid that the Indian government should not unilaterally remove existing centralforces without consulting the State government.

Mr Roy also touched upon the issues oftapping of phones of politicians by foreign and national agencies. He alsoasked the Government about the preparedness to combat terrorist attacks, inlight of the recent news about D-Company operations.