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August 11, 2014

E-prescription system adopted in major Govt hospitals in Bengal

E-prescription system adopted in major Govt hospitals in Bengal

Several Hospitals under West BengalGovernment have started issuing e-prescriptions to the patients. Those whoavail outdoor tickets in government hospitals have to register themselves. Aunique e-prescription comes up against the same registration number. Along withthe personal details of the patient, including the outdoor department he or shewill be visiting to, the e-prescription will contain the symptoms, clinicaldetails (pulse rate, weight, body temperature etc.), test advice and themedicine advice by the physician to the patient.

The patient will get a printout while allhis medical data will be stored in the server of the Health Department. If thepatient wishes to come back again, even for any other ailment, the same data canbe referred to, for the medical history of the patient. Till date the detailsof around 36,000 patients have been stored.

The e-prescription format has alreadystarted in Gastroenterology, Gastro Surgery and Hepatology departments of theSSKM Hospital. At NRS medical college and hospital, the Hematology departmenthas started the process. In MR Bangur Hospital, the Surgery, Skin andGynecology departments along with all important outdoor departments have adoptedthe e-prescription system. In Howrah General Hospital, e-prescription system isavailable in all important outdoor departments.