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August 9, 2014

MNREGA: WB Panchayat Minister to visit Delhi to put forward State`s views

West Bengal Government will protest againstthe Centre's decision to limit 100 Days Work Scheme to a few selected blocks ofthe country. West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee has instructed StatePanchayat Minister Mr Subrata Mukherjee to visit Delhi to put forward the State'sviews.

WB CM Ms Banerjee had earlier protested onher Facebook page against the Centre's decision to limit 100 days Work Schemeto 2000 blocks in the country. As per the new set up, out of the 341 blocks inthe State only 124 blocks will get the facility. This will result in denial ofemployment to the poor people of the rest of the blocks. They will be denied oftheir right to work.

The Mahatma Gandhi National RuralEmployment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGA) was introduced in this country to giveminimum 100 days work to the rural poor. West Bengal was one of the stateswhich implemented the scheme effectively, especially during the presentgovernment. In 2013-14, West Bengal had spent Rs 5600 crore on the scheme,which was an all India record.

The Central Government is not paying itsshare in the scheme. As of now the Centre is yet to release funds worth Rs 885crore to West Bengal for MNREGA. The West Bengal Chief Minister has time and againprotested against this non-payment and she has demanded that this amount bepaid immediately. Otherwise, the poor people in rural areas cannot be paidtheir wages.