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August 18, 2014

WB CM in Singapore – A glimpse into her itinerary

WB CM in Singapore – A glimpse into her itinerary

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms MamataBanerjee left for Singapore on Sunday night. This is her maiden foreign trip asthe Chief Minister. She said that she was hopeful that the meetings atSingapore will be fruitful. Armed with the exemplary developmental wave in theState, the Chief Minister is now focused to position Bengal as a globalinvestment destination.

The West Bengal Chief Minister had beeninstrumental in setting up an industry-friendly atmosphere in the State sinceMay 2011, when Trinamool came to power in Bengal. Everything, from road networkto power supply, industrial infrastructure to health services had to be rebuiltfrom the scratch, thanks to the 34 years Left misrule of the past government.After turning the State around during the last three years, the Chief Ministeris now set to attract investments from foreign nation.

“I am going abroad after 15 years. It is afour hour journey. Let me speak with the Asian countries. A lot can happenthrough talks. I am hopeful,” said the Chief Minister at the Dumdum Airport,before leaving for Singapore. State Industry and Finance Minister Dr Amit Mitraand the Chief Secretary of the state.

The delegation led by the West Bengal ChiefMinister includes twelve officials from the State Secretariat and around fiftytwo business leaders from Bengal, the 'Captains of Industries'. The firstmeeting the Chief Minister will attend is with GIC, the wealth management fundof Singapore. The Chief Minister will pay a courtesy call to the Prime Ministerof Singapore. She will meet the Bengali delegation from the Jurong Township.She will visit the INA Memorial to pay homage to the great leader and the sonof soil.

On Wednesday, the Industrial summit will beheld at Shangri La Hotel. The top business heads of Singapore will be presentat the summit. The members of the delegation of business heads from Kolkata,the likes of Sanjeev Goenka, Harsh Neotia, Sanjay Budhia, Karan Paul, Y K Modi,K N Grant, Sumit Majumdar, H Ono, Puneet Dalmia, Umesh Chowdhury, Mayank Jalan,representatives from Cognizant, NASSCOM and others will detail the currentfavourable situation in West Bengal to their Singapore counterparts. This will befollowed by a speech by the Bengal Chief Minister and an interactive session.

On Thursday, the Chief Minister will take atour of the urban management facilities and tourism facilities in Singapore.