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August 14, 2014

Kanyashree will be a global model: WB CM

Kanyashree will be a global model: WB CM

The first Kanyashreee Dibas was celebrated today in every block of the State. West Bengal Chief Minister MsMamata Banerjee had earlier announced that August 14, 2014 will be celebratedas the Kanyashree Dibas.

Today at the State-level celebrations atthe Netaji Indoor Stadium, West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee ceremonially transferred the grants of Kanyashreeto the bank accounts of almost four lakh girl students around the state. Shealso present the girl students with KanyashreeBangles.

The Chief Minister felicitated fiftygirl students for their achievement in different competitions, as well asdistributed prizes to three best districts, three best schools and three bestcolleges for their contribution to the Kanyashreescheme. Around ten thousand students as well as teachers of different schools fromacross Bengal were present at the programme.

The brainchild of Ms Mamata Banerjee, the Kanyashree scheme aims at improving thestatus and well being of girl child by:

  • Discouraging early marriage of girls toensure compliance with the legal provisions pertaining to the minimum age atmarriage
  • Incentivize through scholarships, thecontinuation of education of the girl child in Secondary and Higher Secondaryclasses and those undergoing vocational training or sports training
  • Improving IMR and MMR by delaying the ageof marriage and consequently increasing the median age of first birth
  • Reducing the incidence of drop outs,especially amongst girls from poor families
  • Eradicating under-nutrition and malnutritionof girl child
  • Preventing trafficking and exploitation ofthe girl child

The scheme launched for the unmarried girlsstudents of the age group from 13-18 years and whose family income is less thanor equal to Rs 1,20,000 per annum except if the girls is physicallyHandicapped, both of her parents are deceased or if the applicant is an inmateof a J.J. Home, will receive Rs 500 annually and upon reaching the age of 18 years,they will receive Rs 25,000 as one time grant.

Highlights of the Chief Minister's speech:

  • Girls are the light of the world. They are our assets. They are our pride.
  • I congratulate you all. My best wishes are with you.
  • About 4 lakh girls have received the financial assistance for Kanyashree scheme today.
  • 16 lakh girls have been registered under Kanyashree scheme from across 1200 schools.
  • Kanyashree scheme will now be a global model.
  • I am delighted the representative of UNICEF is here. They are a part of this programme. We convey our regards to them.
  • We are privileged that UNICEF is present here today.
  • If anyone wants to set up industry in Bengal, they are most welcome. We have also started the initiative of skill development. Companies like Samsung and Raymonds are partnering with us.
  • The fees for girl students will be slashed by 50% at entrance tests for polytechnics / ITI vocational courses
  • Girls will get 30% reservation in vocational training programmes while those registered under Kanyashree scheme will get priority