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August 2, 2014

Second phase of `Matir Katha` – App on state agriculture to start by August end

Second phase of `Matir Katha` – App on state agriculture to start by August end
The second phase of `Maatir Katha`, the application to help our farmers in rural Bengal, made by the state Electronics Department WEBEL is ready to be launched by the end of this month. After the successful run of the pilot project in six districts, the other districts will get the facility now.The project was announced by the WB CM Ms Mamata Banerjee during the Mati Utsab in February 2014.  
Maatir Katha is an agriculture based portal involving 5 Departments which are Agriculture, Agricultural marketing, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Horticulture. Through this portal, useful information in different Agricultural Sectors are available to serve the citizens in West Bengal at grass root level. The whole range of information as covered in this portal such as name and kind of seeds, availability, price and quality control of seeds, suggestions for Season / Area / Crop / variety wise cropping ( based on crop calendar), different information related to Soil and Fertilizer, Cultivation Technique of different crops, crop diseases and their remedies, Agro-Climatic Zones and Schemes for cultivation of different crops. Regular updation of the content and further addition of Sector wise information is done.
Six districts, Nadia, Bardhaman, North 24 Parganas, Hooghly, Bankura and Jalpaiguri, were chosen for the pilot project and 172 KPS or Technical assistants were equipped with android devices. These KPS are answering most of the queries of the farmers within a time frame of 24 to 72 hours. Farmers, with their queries ranging from crop types, prices and availability of seeds, insurance, crop diseases and even whether forecast are now readily getting their answers through this programme. In the second phase the KPS from the 272 blocks in rest of the districts will be incorporated into this programme
The following data will be available through Matir Katha in the coming days –
The information provided under this section includes:
Market Price (daily) of different commodities
Disease & insects of crops
Crop Insurance
Agro-Climate Zones in West Bengal
Information related to soil testing
Schemes for cropping
State-wise reports
Agriculture Marketing
In the Agriculture Marketing section, the information covered includes:
Name and location of Cold Storages in West Bengal
Different Agmarknet Schemes
The details of Regulated Markets in West Bengal
District-wise market price of different commodities (daily price) in different regulated markets
This section provides information on:
Name, kinds and cultivation technique of seeds of flowers, fruits and vegetables
Availability, price and quality of flowers, fruits and vegetables
Suggestions for Season / Area / Crop / variety wise cropping (based on crop calendar) for flowers, fruits and vegetables
Usage of Medicinal Plants
Availability of seeds of Medicinal Plants
State and Centrally Sponsored different Schemes
Central and State Government Incentives and Assistance
Contact details of officers posted at District / Sub-Division and Block level

The information provided under this section includes:
Method of fish culture, quality of fish seed and their availability, quality of fingerlings to be stocked in the pond according to the effective water area of the pond, fish feed, market price of different species in wholesale & retail markets, the required suggestions for successful farming and various questions and answers on fisheries.
Animal Resources Development
The information provided under this section includes:
Information regarding location of farms for Cattle, Poultry, Ducks,  Goats, Pigs, Rabbits, etc, the different Farm products and their market prices, Contact details of different Live Stock Development Officers posted at District, Sub-Division and Block level, contact details of In-charge of Farms, Availability of Fodders, their quality and price, Different diseases and their vaccination schedule, Training of farmers on farming, different schemes for Animal Farming etc.
Weather related following information will be available in this site:
Weather forecasting for next 72 hours
Cyclone related Satellite view
Forecasting & Forewarning
Forecasting & Forewarning for Sea Coast Localities
Forecast for South East Monsoon