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August 7, 2014

WB Govt extends ban on export of potatoes

WB Govt extends ban on export of potatoes

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms MamataBanerjee has once again urged the traders' forum to see to it that potatoes arenot sold outside the state. At present, the state has a stock of 32 lakh metricton of potatoes and the stock will be able to last for the next six months ifthe state government manages to stop sale outside the state.

Ms Banerjee has also asked the EnforcementBranch to take necessary measures. It has been asked to intensify vigil in themarkets in Kolkata and the adjoining areas so as to ensure that potatoes arenot sold at higher prices and that traders are not hoarding the vegetable.

Enforcement Branch (EB) has asked police tointensify vigil in inter-state border areas to restrict transport of potato.

A meeting was held at Nabanna on ways tocontrol the skyrocketing price of potatoes. A senior official of theAgriculture Department said police stations of several districts were asked tocheck the challan of lorries that aretransporting potatoes.

It may be recalled that the stategovernment has imposed a ban on sale of potatoes outside West Bengal. It hasrecently been reported that potatoes from the state were being sold to UttarPradesh from where stocks were exported to Pakistan.

Another meeting of the task force will beheld at Nabanna on 11 August to ensure that potato prices do not go up. Earlieran emergency task force meeting was held at Nabanna.