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August 20, 2014

We have formulated new textile policy, PPP policy, IT policy, Industry policy: WB CM at Singapore Business Summit

We have formulated new textile policy, PPP policy, IT policy, Industry policy: WB CM at Singapore Business Summit

Terming her Singapore trip as a successful one, West Bengal CM today thanked the business community in Singapore for their love and support. Speaking at the Business Summit, Ms Mamata Banerjee said West Bengal government will set up a nodal office of WBIDC (West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation) at Singapore to facilitate investments.

WB CM also said Bengal has a land bank and a land map. West Bengal government would extend all help to investors, she added. “We have formulated a new textile policy, a PPP policy, new IT policy, and new Industry policy,” she said.

WB CM said that for setting up industry one needs land, labour, power, eco-friendly environment and a positive ambiance. She said each one of these is available in Bengal.

Fulltranscript of WB CM's speech at Singapore Business Summit:

I thank all of you for your presence heretoday. I am really glad to be here. This is a historic occasion. I mustcongratulate all the Captains of the Industries from all over the world,especially from Singapore, the business chambers and the Singapore Governmentfor their cooperation. I am proud to say that a big business delegation fromWest Bengal is here. We have here our Secretaries from different departmentsand good friends from the media.

I am overwhelmed by the presence of thebusiness communities from Singapore. I am happy that business heads inSingapore are investing in Bengal. After 15 years I came abroad. My life isthat of a struggle. From my childhood I have struggled. I fought for thepeople. We formed the Maa, Mati, ManushGovernment. Struggle is the pillar of success. Determination, devotion,discipline are the pillars of success. The intention must be strong.

I am a simple worker. Do not consider me aChief Minister of an Indian State. I am a simple woman. I love to spend my lifeas a simple human being. I am proud of our country and also of our State.

Bengal is the land of Rabindranath and NetajiSubhas Chandra Bose. I am very proud to say that. My meeting with the Hon'blePrime Minister of Singapore was great. He is nice and cordial. Singapore isvery developed. This is because people are hard working.

There has been a change in Bengal after 34years. We are on the path of progress. Bengal is endowed with naturalresources. After coming to power we have organised 72 administrative meetingsat grassroots level.

If you consider the Look East Policy,Kolkata is the nearest to Singapore and that's why we feel there areopportunities of partnership. Changi Airport has already invested in theconstruction of an airport in Bengal. We propose to set up a Business FocusCentre in Kolkata to promote industry which will coordinate business activitiesbetween the State and Singapore. Bengal already has a historic relation withSingapore. It was from here, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose gave the slogan Delhi Chalo.

We have decided to start a Chair atCalcutta University named after former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.We have requested Hon'ble Prime Minister of Singapore to include Kolkata in theDiamond Jubilee celebrations of Singapore-India ties. The Biswa Banga Sammelan will be held in Kolkata on 7-8 January whereindustrialists from across the world will be present.

From MSME to IT and skill development,Bengal will provide all assistance to Singapore. Yes, we are against forcible land acquisition, but we have a alternate policy in place. We have set up a land bank. Wehave formed a land policy. Land map is available. Many district headquartersare now connected to Kolkata through helicopter services. North Bengal is thegateway to North East India, Nepal and Bhutan.

We have formulated a new textile policy, aPPP policy, new IT policy, and new Industry policy. Small and medium scaleindustries are doing well in Bengal. In the last 3 years we have become No. 1in MSME sector. We are carrying the legacy of debt left behind by the LeftFront Govt. Yet our State has shown exemplary growth in 3 years.

India's GDP growth is 4.9%. Despite ourfinancial burden, Bengal's GSDP growth is 7.71%. We have achieved this goal. Agriculturegrowth for India is 4.6% while that of Bengal is 5.28%. In the industrialproduction, growth rate of India is 0.7% while that of Bengal is 9.58%. Servicesector growth for India is 5.9% while for Bengal is 7.8%. In the financialperformance we have shown, Yes We Can. Our motto is “If you have the will,you will succeed”.

Bengal has great of tourism potential. Fromthe beautiful Hills in Darjeeling to the Royal Bengal Tiger and mangrove forestin Sunderbans, we have lot of opportunities to explore. There is railconnectivity across the State. We are setting up an ITI for skill developmentin every block of Bengal.  We aredeveloping polytechnic colleges and vocational training institutes. You can getcheap labour in the state. I am proud to say that Bengal is power surplus. Wehave a power bank.

One needs cheap labour, land, eco-friendly environment,power and good ambiance for investment. We have all the infrastructure in Bengal. We aredeveloping urban cities. We have focused on tea industry. We are planning toset up deep sea ports. Bengal has a lot of potential for entertainmentindustry. We have a thriving TV and film industry. In the last three years,number of mandays lost has come down extensively.

Singapore is the first country I havevisited as CM, this being my first foreign trip in 15 years. I chose Singaporefor my first foreign trip because this country is very friendly. We are alwaysopen to advice and guidance from you all. We have started a new brand called Biswa Bangla to promote the handicraftsof Bengal.

We want to form a sustainable relationshipwith Singapore. We will open a nodal office of WB Industrial DevelopmentCorporation (WBIDC) in Singapore. I would request the business chambers ofKolkata and Singapore to be in touch to further develop our ties.  I bow to all of you. I am really delighted.Always be happy. Always smile. Come and invest in West Bengal. I will be veryhappy to be your sister. Always consider Bengal as your homeland too.