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August 20, 2014

Welcome to Bengal, ride the growth – Promoting Bengal in Singapore

Welcome to Bengal, ride the growth – Promoting Bengal in Singapore

West Bengal Government today showcased thestrengths of the State at Singapore Business Summit, urging investors to comeand join the growth story. The 7-minute long audio-visual presentation featuredthe achievements of the Bengal Government in the last three years, apart fromthe avenues of investment in the State.

The video which opened with the famouslines of Tagore 'Banglar Mati, Banglar jol' narrated by the Chief Ministerherself, highlighted that Bengal is growing faster than India – while thenational GDP growth rate is 4.9%, Bengal's GSDP is 7.71%. Even in terms ofgrowth in agriculture, industrial production and service sector, Bengal wasmuch ahead of India.

The video also focussed on the tourismpotential of the State. From the lush green forests in North Bengal to theRoyal Bengal tiger in Sunderbans, the religious harmony in the State was alsodepicted in the video. The presentation also showcased the various sectors ofinvestment – hospitality, retail, culture, entertainment, infrastructure, MSME,handloom industry among others.

The video also highlighted the achievementsof the State Government in the social sector – the various schemes and grantslike the Kanyashree, fair price medicine shops received thunderous applause fromthe audience.

The video ended with a message from thebrand ambassador of the State – Shah Rukh Khan. He urged the people ofSingapore to invest in Bengal as the State was industry-friendly, eco-friendlyand above all people-friendly. “Come invest in Bengal,” was his message.