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August 12, 2014

WB CM announces Karmashree scheme at Gangarampur

WB CM announces Karmashree scheme at Gangarampur

WB CM conducted an administrative review meeting at Gangarampur in Dakshin Dinajpur today. She chaired meetings with officials of both Uttar and Dakshin Dinajpur, and district level police officials at Rabindra Bhawan. She also addressed a public rally at Gangarampur Stadium in Dakshin Dinajpur.

During her speech, WB CM said the Government will be launching a new scheme 'Karmashree' which will be combination of several other schemes. She said people who work for 20 days in a project, will be given work for another 20 days in another project.

The Chief Minister inaugurated 46 developmental projects for Uttar Dinajpur and laid the foundationstones for 15 other projects. She inaugurated 27 projects for DakshinDinajpur and laid the foundation stones for 18 projects. The Chief Minister also gave away grants and aids under different governmental schemes to thepeople of both the districts from the meeting veneue at Gangarampur.

The Chief Minister will later hold anadministrative meeting at Malda College auditorium with the administrativeofficials of the district. She will return to Kolkata on August 13 and takepart in the celebrations of the Kanyashree Dibas on August 14.

Excerpts from her speech:

We have conducted 73 administrative reviewmeetings across the State. We have taken stock of development at block level.The best way to see the progress of developmental projects is to visit thedistricts. By visiting the grassroots, I interact with people to know all theirproblems.  I have not come alone. Theentire Secretariat of West Bengal Government has come here today.

The youth of Dakshin Dinajpur are verytalented. We have sanctioned Rs 1 crore for a law college in Balurghat. We aretrying to convert it into a joint venture. We will also set up an engineeringcollege in Dakshin Dinajpur. We have set up a Hindi college in Banarhat. We areplanning an Urdu college in Uttar Dinajpur. Raiganj University will beginclasses from 2015. There were only 38 colleges in Bengal till 2011. In the last3 years 31 Government colleges and 14 private colleges have been set up.

We have inaugurated kidney dialysis centreat Balurghat and Gangarampur today. We will offer 50-60% discount. We havealready set up fair price medicine shops. Now we are setting up fair pricediagnostic centres. There were hardly any Critical Care Units in Bengal. Now weare setting up CCUs across the State. CCUs have been inaugurated at Raiganj,Balurghat and Gangarampur Hospitals today. Two new fair price medicine shopswill be set up at Kaliaganj and Islampur Hospitals.

We are setting up Kisan Mandis in every block. ITIs and polytechnic colleges arecoming up in every district. We are renovating stadiums. We will train 10 lakhyouths for skill development. We are setting 500 Karma Tirtha marketing hubs where poor people will get shops forfree. Three Karma Tirthas have beeninaugurated today in this district. 48 KarmaTirtha hubs have already started operating in Bengal. We are launching anew scheme 'Karmashree' foremployment of people. People who work for 20 days at one place will get 20 dayswork for some other project. This scheme will be Karmashree. Dignity of labour must be respected. No job isinferior.

I am visiting Singapore. I will takehandcrafts of Bengal along with me. I will take bags made by self-help groupsin Dinajpur to Singapore. I will promote Tulaipanjirice and market them there. We are planning to set up Export Hub at Hili.Bengal is No. 1 in small scale industries. This export hub will benefit theyouth of North Bengal. It will usher in development for Dakshin and UttarDinajpur. An industrial park is being set up in Uttar Dinajpur.

We have achieved a lot of success in Jal Dharo, Jal Bharo scheme. Bengal is amodel for India in fair price medicine shops and diagnostic centres. Peace inJangalmahal is a national model now. Kanyashreescheme has received global honour. We will celebrate Kanyashree Dibas on August 14. Like Kanyashree, we will also celebrate Yuvashree Dibas.

We are providing pension to folk artistes.They will perform at Govt functions. We will ensure that no one in Bengal ishomeless.