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August 18, 2014

Singapore Diary… Day 1 – Meeting with GIC group

Singapore Diary… Day 1 – Meeting with GIC group

Today we had a very fruitful meeting withthe GIC group. Based in Singapore, GIC is one of the leading funds in the worldand takes part in financial activities across the globe in different sectors.We had a detailed meeting with them. I think, this is for the first time a provincialState had such a detailed discussion them.

GIC was represented by an eleven-memberdelegation, constituting of their Managing Director, economists, and heads ofdifferent funds. We hope to get positive indication within a few days. This isa sustained effort. They will come to West Bengal for more discussions. When anorganization of such stature holds discussion with our State, we can alwaysexpect some good news.

as told by Dr Amit Mitra, Minister for Finance, IT, Industry and Commerce, West Bengal Government to a private Bengali news channel