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August 19, 2014

WB Govt to set up Focus Centre for investors in Singapore: Amit Mitra

WB Govt to set up Focus Centre for investors in Singapore: Amit Mitra

Dr Amit Mitra today spoke to the media after WB CM's meeting with the Prime Minister of Singapore. He said that the WB Govt was planning to set up a Focus Centre for investors in Singapore to let them know about the laws, facilities and policies of the State. It would act as an one-window centre, he added.

Full transcript of his speech:

Hon'ble Chief Minister had a meeting withthe Prime Minister of Singapore today in the morning. A huge delegation ofbusinessmen from Bengal has come with us to Singapore. They are holdingmeetings with their counterparts here for the last one and half days.

It is clear from many of the meetings thatthere is a positive outlook about Bengal here. The big meeting with business heads is scheduled for tomorrow. Theimportant point here is that these people want to know what facilities ourGovernment will provide to take the talks forward.

Our Chief Minister today told the PrimeMinister of Singapore about the various investment opportunities in Bengal inthe fields of trade, services and even food processing sectors. The bestmanufacturing companies of the world have their headquarters at Singapore. Theycan have a joint venture with a company from Singapore and come to West Bengal.

We are planning to set up a Focus Centrefor them to let know about the facilities, laws and policies in place in Bengaland continuously monitor its activities and solve problems, if any. This mightbe the first of its kind in our country. This Focus Centre will work in closecoordination with 25-30 departments of the State Government. This will be aone-window centre. This will monitor, trade, investment and even technologytransfer.