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August 15, 2014

US diplomat meets WB CM, praises development of Kolkata

US diplomat meets WB CM, praises development of Kolkata

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had a meeting with US charge` d'affaires for India Kathleen Stephens at her Nabanna office on Thursday duringthe latter's first visit to Kolkata.

The Chief Minister and the diplomat discussed aboutindustrial process and employment issues in the State. It may be recalled thatin May 2012, US secretary of state Hillary Clinton had been to the city to meetthe Bengal CM. Former US ambassador Nancy Powell also met her. Insiders said itshows that Mamata has her own importance to foreign diplomats. Even BritishPremier David Cameron had been to the city in November 2013 and met Ms MamataBanerjee.

After the meeting, Kathleen said, “I am very happy to be inBengal. We discussed about development issues.”

She described the meeting as a fruitful one. “The meetingwas for promoting improved ties with Bengal,” she said, adding that that thetwo also spoke on collaboration for economic development. “We need to work forsustainable economic growth.”

She said that the best stage of Indo-US relationship is yetto come and both the countries have a common goal. “I stayed in Kolkata fortwo-and-a-half days. I am impressed with the beauty of Kolkata and especiallyhonoured to meet the CM. We are proud of the history of Bengal.”