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August 1, 2014

Bengal among top three states in power sector: IPPAI

Bengal among top three states in power sector: IPPAI

West Bengal is now among the top three Statesof India in the power sector. West Bengal has been adjudged the secondbest State in the category “Most Progressive Power State” by IPPAI.Additionally, the Purulia Pump Storage Project (PSPS) has been selected as theMost Innovative Operation in Power Sector by the IPPAI. The awards will begiven on August 2, 2014 at Goa.

WestBengal is committed to providing good quality, uninterrupted power supply toall its people at affordable rates. It is also committed to establishingcommercial viability in the power sector so that the necessary investment needsof the sector can be met to cater to increasing demand for acceleratingeconomic growth in West Bengal.

WestBengal Power Minister Mr Manish Gupta had earlier announced that all villagesin the State will be electrified by 2015. Incidentally, the earlier Governmentcompleted only 30% of the rural electrification work, although they beganelectrification drive in 1985. After coming to power the Trinamool Governmenthas already completed 70% of the rural electrification project.