Rajya Sabha

August 7, 2014

Sukhendu Shekar Roy speaks on the working of the Home Ministry | Transcript

Today we are discussing a very serious issue concerning the Ministry of Home Affairs. The first issue that strikes my mind is the atrocities on women, scheduled caste and scheduled tribes. We are not on blame game. Hum jante hai ki Sarkar ko dhai mahina hua satta mein aye hai. Toh isko responsible thairane ke liye hum koi ilzaam nahi laga rahe hai. Lekin jo bastab hai, hakikat hai, us bareh mein do-char shabd mein kehna chhahta hun.


Joh National Crime Bureau report nikla hai aur Home Ministry ka bhi joh 2013-14 ka joh annual report nikla hai use pata chalta hai ki sirf ek saal mein compared to 2011, in 2012 there is 10.9% increase in crime against scheduled casts and scheduled tribes. And robbery in the households of the scheduled casts and scheduled tribes saw 66.7% rise in one year. In crime against women, we all are deeply concerned with rape. It has become a social menace. No political party or particular government can be blamed for that. It is high time that everybody should pay a serious thought over this social menace. Some radical measures are required to be taken to minimize crime against women, particularly rape. The incidence of rape – the All India figure in 2011 was 24, 206 and in 2013 it rose to 33,707. That is more than 36% rise in two years.


Abhi hamare yahaan jo Rastra Mantri the, chale gaye, unhone jo jawab diya July 23 ko is Sadan mein, us hisab ke mutabik yeh 36% rise hua hai. Sirf Delhi mein 2011 mein it was 572, aur 2013 mein barke 1636, that is more than 300% rise. Nirbhaya kand hua, bahut kuchh hua, sara Hindusthan ke sare TV mein bahut sara charcha hua, naya kanoon ayi, sangsodhit; uske bawajut bhi do saal ke andar 572 se Delhi mein rape ka incident 1636 tak pahuch gaya.


Hum naye sarkar ko blame nahi kar rahe hai is ke liye, hum bar bar bol rahe hai ki ye ek samajik samasya ban gaya. Ghar mein bacche safe nahi hain. Sikshak ke paas vidyarthi safe nahi hain. High Court ke judge ke samne district judge safe nahi hai. Aisa vatavaran paida ho gaya hamare Hindustan mein. Kya ho raha hai  yeh? Ek Draupadi ka lanchhan hua tha to Mahabharat ka jung lada gaya tha. Aur aj hazaro Draupadi  ka lanchhan ho raha hai hamare desh mein. Hum kya jawab denge aam janta ko. Hum Rajya Sabha mein to directly chune hue nahi aate hai phir bhi hamare zimmedari rahte hai, bante hai. To isko dhyan dena chahiye.


Dowry related crime jo hai, that also increased at the rate of 36.5% within a year. 2011 mein jo tha us hisab se 2012 mein 36.5% increase ho gaya. Sir, hum jab sara Hindustan ki yeh chehra dekh rahe hain, to hamara Bangal mein bhi thoda hun nazar dalna chhahte hain. Wahaan hum zero-tolerance policy liye hain, so far the Crime against Women is concerned. As par last published National Crime Records Bureau figures, the incidence of rapes in West Bengal as a proportion of population is lower than reported from at least 10 other states of India. But we are not satisfied; we are trying to improve the situation. This is why we have set up five new police commissionerates. Over 40,000 constables out of which 6000 are lady constables have been recruited apart from 394 sub-inspectors, including lady sub-inspectors. 48 new police stations including 28 lady police stations have been set up in past three years and 10 more women police stations are in the offing. We are trying to combat the situation. We want to fight the menace tooth and nail. And that should be the approach everywhere throughout the country.


The second point, Sir, is communal violence. I am not going into the figures but it is true, Sir, the forces of communalism are raising their ugly heads in different parts of the country. Only Uttar Pradesh cannot be singled out or any other state cannot be singled out. This is also a menace to our society.  What is the idea of secularism? Babasaheb Ambedkar, while introducing the Constitution, when asked by the reporters, he said and I quote,


India shall neither be religious or anti-religious nor irreligious. India shall be totally detached from religious dogmas.”


This is the concept of secularism we are pursuing since the inception of our Constitution introduced by Babasaheb Ambedkar. Now, where we are standing today? Why do we have to discuss in the Parliament about communalism? So, I will appeal to the new government to look into this problem very seriously.


The third point, Sir, is the Left Wing Extremism. Bengal was the birthplace of Left Wing Extremism. In the Sixties, the Naxalite Movement started there. We combated that menace there. After a few decades, it re-emerged and in many States, they are dominating. According to some reports, I do not know whether that is correct or not, it appeared in some quarters and about 200 districts in our country are being dominated by the Maoists.


In our State, West Bengal, three districts – Paschim Medinipur, Bankura and Purulia – in the dense forest area that is called Jangalmahal are the Maoist infested areas. My leader Ms Mamata Banerjee visited that area time and again, when she was in the Opposition and when she became the Chief Minister. She knows that only combat forces and helicopters won’t do. Developmental projects are to be taken to the doorsteps of the tribal people and the poorest people of that area. This is why she has taken up a number of welfare projects and measures and schemes. This is why the situation is under total control. Peace and tranquility has been restored in the Jangalmahal area. I am happy to inform to the House that in addition to the measures, special measures, taken by the Government of India to bring the Left Extremists to the mainstream of our society, our Govt in West Bengal has announced additional funds over and above the fund allotted by the Central Govt in declaring amnesty to the Maoists who have surrendered. Sir, this way we are trying to address the problem.


Sir, in curbing the incidents of crime we require some assistance from the Central Govt. because West Bengal – amongst some states having high density of population – has a low police-citizen ratio and Central Govt may consider assisting such states like West Bengal. This is my humble suggestion to the Hon’ble Home Minister to consider.


Sir, we also suggest and appeal to the Central Govt to consider seriously the proposition of modernization and building of additional capacity of correctional homes, in other words, jails. The Govt of West Bengal has already sent a proposal of modernization for a sum of Rs 2247 crore which requires due consideration of the Central Govt. The second is the ‘Safe City Project’ of Rs 158 crore for Kolkata city, which has been submitted to the Govt of India and may also kindly be considered.


Sir, the budget for Border Area Development (BAD) programme may be substantially raised from the existing levels of Rs 158.35 crore so far West Bengal is concerned. Our problem is that West Bengal is having 2216 km land border with Bangladesh. The rise of smuggling activities in some areas is a cause of concern for the people living in these border areas as well as in other parts of the state. A special task force should be set up; this is our request to the Central Govt to control the movement of the cattle. Smuggling of cattle is rampant through the West Bengal border to Bangladesh. If this is done the smuggling of cattle o Bangladesh will be considerably contained.


Sir, the Govt of India should also not levy charges on State governments, not only West Bengal, towards the deployment of Central armed Forces in the Left Wing Extremist affected areas. It is very much required by the States. Similarly, Sir, for all the States of India, I am requesting the hon. Home Minister to consider, Union Govt should not unilaterally remove existing Central Forces without consulting the State Govt particularly in the Maoist infested areas.


Sir, I have a few more points to make. On July 14, in this House, the hon. Home Minister while replying to several questions put by hon. members of this House, on the reported destruction of some Govt files, said that so far the files relating to Kashmir and files relating to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, he wasn’t sure whether those have been destroyed or not – according to him those were not destroyed – even though he assured the House that he would ascertain from the department and let the House know about it.


Now, sir why I should be raising the issue again and again about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose? 70 years back a mysterious disappearance story was spread all around. Three commissions were set up till date. No finality has been arrived at till now. What is the stand of this Government? I would like to remind the hon. home minister this year on 23rd January when he went to see the birth place of Netaji at Cuttack in Odisha, the hon. home minister at that time was the BJP president.  He was saying that all record related to Nataji Subhas Chandra Bose should be classified. And now he is the Home Minister of the country. Can I not request him that he should keep his promises and urge the Central Government to declassify all records relating to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose? 70 years have passed and what tribute are we paying to our national hero? Sir with folded hand, I would request to you to come out with the statement for this House whether this Government is considering declassification all the files. Netaji died in the year 1945 in a plane crash. Then how a foreign country can be blamed for that accidental death? Nobody can be blamed for that accidental death. Then what is the dilemma on the part of the Central Government? Let the Central Government has come out regarding this.

That a very vital point regarding Vodafone. I’m not supposed the name of the company, but I’m helpless. What happened? During the previous Government what happened? it is reported that a objection was raised by the Home Ministry against Vodafone group which was first crowned by 100% FDI in telecom and subsequently allowed to buy out its Indians minority partners for Rs 10141 crore. Notwithstanding the fact that Vodafone and other telecom firms secretly collaborated with United Kingdom intelligence and security agencies GCHU and are passing on details of their customers’ phone calls and other communications and are known as intercept partners. How could it happen? This must be stopped because it involves our national security. This is my humble request to hon. Home minister.

Similarly, Sir, how many Indian ministers, State Chief Minister and other ministers and politicians of this country are being tapped by foreign agencies and Indian agencies too? That should be disclosed before this House without further loss of time.

Sir, finally it is also reported that D-Company ( the company known as Dawood Company) is operating from Pakistan and other countries and now it is reported that they have established contact with one Nigerian terrorist outfit. Very alarming reports are pouring into the media every day; the target is obviously India.  We have experienced so many incidents of bomb blast and other terrorist activities perpetrated by the merchant of death which is described as cross border terrorism. Even Gujarat is not safe; Gujarat’s coastal areas are not safe. Every where they are trying to invade and everywhere they are trying to infiltrate trade in a manner so that they can create a similar situation like the past. I need not go for elaboration but this Parliament is also the target of those terrorist groups. Therefore I’m sure that the hon. home minister is quite aware of these developments. Particularly after the blasts in Patna, where Modi ji was addressing a rally. Our eyes are open; we must be aware of this matter because it also involves the question of our national security. I would request hon. Home Minister to keep the administrations abreast of the latest developments.

Thank you.