Lok Sabha

August 3, 2014

Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar speaks regarding special packages for closed tea gardens in North Bengal | Transcript

Madam, Darjeeling tea is a beverage which is produced in India and enjoyed by the world, and it is grown in West Bengal. The hon. Minister has just said that our hon. Chief Minister is worried about the state of affairs and he is aware of that fact. I would like to know from the hon. Minister whether the Tea Board is aware that no less than six privately-owned tea gardens are shut down at the moment.

The plantation workers are in a pitiable condition, for which the Government of West Bengal has extended health and financial package. They have done it extensively by going to each house, made a survey and extended health package to them also. I would like to know whether the Tea Board of the Government of India is thinking of extending further support to these plantation workers and also extending any revival package for the tea gardens in the State of West Bengal.